Tips to Optimize Any Internet Service Speed

Tips to Optimize Any Internet Service Speed
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Did you know that every connected device on your network affected your internet speed? Yes, your internet speed is shared. (read more: Ways To Test Your Internet Speed Connection, What is a Good Speed to Consider?) Being connected to a Wifi tend to be faster, however, having many devices connected at the same time and doing multiple tasks that consume a lot of internet speed will slow down your connection. Some examples that affecting your internet speed; downloading large files, video conferencing, gaming, and streaming audio or videos.


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Before switching to a plan or provider, follow these steps first to improve your internet speed performance. Not getting the speed you wanted and paying the monthly bills is not good at all. Continue reading below to learn how to optimize your internet speed.


Network Security Update


Every connected device consumed internet bandwidth, and unauthorized connections significantly slow down your internet speed. Change your password monthly, make sure your router's settings stick to passwords best practices. Keep it long up to 15 characters, a combination of symbols, capital letters, and numbers will prevent others from guessing your wifi password.


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Router Optimization


Playing your router setting will help you get the speed you wanted. Many routers have the option to prioritize the speed such as gaming, streaming, and downloads. Your router will boost your internet speed at the expense of multiple users.


Improve your Wifi Channel


If you don't get the speed you want on a 2.4 GHz channel, switch it to 5 GHz channel, this will boost your bandwidth an improve your internet speed. 2.4 offers a wider range when it comes to connection, but 5 GHz makes your internet speed faster.


Reset your Internet Router



Believe it or not, unplug-and-plug-back-in works, just like a smartphone, rebooting will help fix unknown issues. Hard reset will sometimes clear any unknown problems and boost your internet speed.

reset router


Shop for a new Router


The router itself often times slowing down your internet speed. If you're renting your router from your internet service provider, make sure they have the best quality. If they don't, replace your router with a new one. Router manufacturer improves every year, make sure to buy a new router that has all the features mentioned above. Looking for cheap internet?. Shop cheap fiber, cable, satellite, and DSL internet service in your area using our search provider page.

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