Overheating Computer Might Cause Slow Internet Connection, Here's How To Fix it!

Overheating Computer Might Cause Slow Internet Connection, Here's How To Fix it!

Fri, Jul 24, 2020 8:01 PM


Excessive heat lowers the resistance of electricity, it will cause an increase in power. If you are using your computer for a longer period of time, and overheating computer can slow down your internet speed. It could affect how fast your internet appears to be than the plan you are paying. 

Desktop and laptop computers are vulnerable to overheating. Due to component sensitivity, fluctuation in voltage is critical that affecting your computer. A slow computer with a slow loading response means a slow internet connection.

What causes an overheating computer?

Some factors that cause overheating computers are: Dusty areas, dusty spaces can block the ventilation system of your device. It can prevent your computer from cooling. Another reason is, your computer is older than you. Older PC or laptops are vulnerable to heat malfunctions. You should not place your computer near sunny windows and don't leave your laptop outside for a long period of time. 

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Signs that your device is overheating

1. Lagging operating system.
2. Too hot to touch
3. Freezing screen
4. Slow loading speed and video buffering
5. Cant open software that causes "Not responding"

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How to fix an overheating computer?

Always put measures where you position your computer. Take this first step to avoid your device from overheating.  Properly place devices will keep functioning at its highest capability. Heres are some DIY to maintain your computer:

1. If your internet fan stops working anymore, use a fan or external cooling pad to keep your computer cool year-round.

2. Place your laptop or computer device in ventilated areas. Keep it away from devices or appliances and windows that heavily impacted by heat such as stove, heating device, and direct sunlight.

3. Do not overuse your computer. Even a thing needs a break. If you are heavily into gaming or watching movies online, take your device a few hours to cool down.

4. Always clean the ventilation system and fans. Wipe any dust or debris that can prevent it from cooling. Get your air compressor for easier "lifehack".

If you take all the preventive tips from above, we will likely avoid any damage to your PC or computer. If you think nothing on the list can't fix your problems, refer to your computer manuals or the best, call a professional computer technician to help you with overheating.

Is Internet Speed still slow? 

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