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CISP-JNA is a young and fresh team of tech warriors. We specialize in the TechComm industry, combining expertise in the telecommunication business with a deepened knowledge of technology best practices. We are now doing great things at the intersection of creativity, media, and technology!

Our mission is pretty simple - make you comfortable wherever you are without breaking the bank. As IT geeks, we know how internet access is important and that’s why we provide relevant data to analyze internet and broadband insights. It seems unfair that customers cannot have easy peasy access to all the promotions (and they're fine prints), the array of different providers, and the technology options at our disposal. We put all that information in front of you!

We find the best internet plans, cheap internet offers, cheap internet service for your personal or for your business near you. 

Feel free to share your broadband experience with us, and tell your friends and family about this great tool that we offer. Give us a ring or drop us a line if you have any questions!

Proudly serving the broadband community!