Easy Ways to Find Out How Fast Is Your Internet Connection

Easy Ways to Find Out How Fast Is Your Internet Connection
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Slow internet connection? Test your internet speed if you ever thought your internet is slower than normal or it's not as fast as you are paying for. In order to determine if your internet speed slower than your plan, running speed tests is the answer.  But how do speed test works? The speed test is performed by measuring the time it takes to respond from a user client's request. Upon receiving data to the server from the client request, the server will send back a reply and the time is measured in milliseconds. The faster the response during speed test the better the connection. 

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What is a good speed to consider? For basic internet functions, a 10 Mbps internet speed should be sufficient such as video streaming. music streaming and web browsing. However, if you own a business where multiple devices and several employees will be using the internet, the internet for a business plan is all you need. A higher speed will be helpful for your daily tasks such as a live streaming presentation or video conferencing.

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How to test Internet speed?

Google Speed Test

Simply open your web browser search bar and type "speed test". Then click "Run Speed Test"

google speed test

Ookla Speedtest

Ookla is the most well-known speed test service tool. It will measure your upload speed, download speed, and ping response from a remote server. Simply type "https://www.speedtest.net/" on your web browser URL bar and click Run or Go to test your speed test.

ookla speed test


Fast.com internet speed test tool is owned by Netflix. It is a web browser-based service tat test your internet speed automatically. Simply go to Fast.com and the test will run instantly.

fast.com speed test

CheapInternetServiceProver-JNA.com Speed Test Tool

As a cable and internet service provider, we developed an accurate speed test tool for everyone. To get your speed test result, head over to our navigation menu > cool tools > Speed Test.

run speed test


Running a speed test can identify if you are getting the proper internet speed you pay for. If you need faster internet service, give us a call

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