How Can I Tell If My ISP Is Throttling My Internet?

How Can I Tell If My ISP Is Throttling My Internet?
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Your internet speed slows down for a lot of reasons. One reason is internet throttling. Throttling means your internet service provider intentionally limits your internet speed connection. ISP usually uses it to regulate network traffic and to reduce overcrowding. Throttling happens with business or home internet, as well as mobile phone internet connections.



How do you know if you are being throttled?


Speed tests should be enough to know whether your internet bandwidth is being throttled. Go over to our Speed Test Tool and run a speed test. If the result you getting is below your internet subscription, then you are getting throttled.

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How Can You Prevent Internet Service Providers from throttling your internet?


Use VPN to DisablesThrottling


If your internet connection speed gets stuck because of paid prioritization throttling, use VPN! Using the right VPN can add extra help to improve internet speed and latency issues. If ISP realizes that you are using a VPN, they will try to throttle your bandwidth even more. A good VPN will ignore it!

VPN uses data encryption to make a secure tunnel for your search history and personal data. VPN routes your data through its server to protect your user visibility. Meaning, your internet provider can't tell how much data you are using.

If you are sure whether a VPN works or not, try one for yourself. 


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