Why Is My Internet Speed Slower Than My Internet Plan?

Why Is My Internet Speed Slower Than My Internet Plan?

Are you getting the right internet speed provider advertised? Let's say, you paying 500Mbs but you are only getting roughly 50-90Mbs. You contacted your Internet Services Provider and they told you that "You have a slow computer". Well, maybe yes or no, the internet service provider has an incentive to be as optimistic as possible. Deals and offers are sometimes misleading.


Hardware Problems

Well, as motioned above, an old device might cause internet speed. Old computers and routers can't keep up with modern internet technologies. A poorly configured router or Wi-Fi connection can slow down your internet speed. You might replace your old device to experience the connection you are paying for.


ISP Range

The distance between your internet and the service provider's hardware will affect your internet speed. Cities and highly developed places have faster connections than in the countryside.


Shared Connection

Customers with the same internet connection lines can result in congestion. Overcrowding will slow down your internet speed. Imagine your neighbors downloading and uploading gigabit of files, it will affect you big time.


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Why Is My Internet Speed Slower Than My Internet Plan?


Run speed test


Peak Hours

If more people are using the internet during peak hours with a shared connection line, you may experience slower speed.


Internet Throttling

Your internet service provider intentionally limits your internet speed connection. learn more about throttling here: How do you know if you are being throttled?


Server Issue

This is based on where you are uploading or downloading from, what server the website is using. Let say, you’re in the US and experience slow download speed from a website in Europe, it may not be your provider’s fault, it may be because the website in Europe has a slow server connection.


Many factors can affect your internet speed connection and it is hard to know what causes the problem. If you experienced slow internet speed, check what is mentioned above. If your connection is not as advertised, You may be able to switch providers or upgrade to a higher plan.


Upgrade Your Internet

Why Is My Internet Speed Slower Than My Internet Plan?



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