Best Fixed Wireless Internet Service Providers

Best Fixed Wireless Internet Service Providers
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With all types of internet services connection, fixed wireless internet services may not be available in all areas. It is one of the most expensive types of the internet at the moment because it comes with caps of data use each month. Only 51 percent of the nation is covered by fixed wireless at the moment. Most internet users are not familiar with fixed wireless internet connections due to their availability.  


How Does Fixed Wireless Internet Work?

Instead of using a cable like fiber and DSL, fixed wireless internet services transmit the internet to your home via radio waves from a base station. Because of the used dish or an antenna, it is mistakenly often known as satellite internet, but it is not. 

Fixed wireless internet doesn't require cables or wires connected to your home. It is deployed over airwaves. 

Fixed Wireless Internet plans (business class plan) is way faster than other internet connection types. With a speed up to 500Mbps offered by leading internet service providers. 


How Does Fixed Wireless Internet Works?


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What do We love About Fixed Wireless Internet Services?


1. This technology usually will cover a large area and is readily accessible.

2. Fixed wireless will not so much be affected by the weather that is outside a certain radius.

3. Fixed wireless will offer a good speed and most providers will not have data caps for their internet service.

4. Affordable and Easy to install.


What We Don't Like About Fixed Wireless Internet Services?


1. A fixed wireless connection will not support any data roaming since it is tied to one specific access point.

2. The installation usually requires a certain landscape that allows the antenna a straight line of sight for the service to work. There should be no hills or obstructions.

3.  Depending on your area, the cost per Mbps (cost for the internet speed) is generally higher than other technologies. 


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Largest Fixed Wireless Network Providers

1. Rise Broadband

2. One Ring Network

3.  King Street Wireless

4. CyberNet Communication

5. BelWave Communication

6. Etheric Networks

7. Startouch

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By and by, due to continuously evolving technology such as the application of 5G, fixed wireless can be the next big thing in the future. However, it will take years for 5G to replace 4G. Fixed wireless internet is a quickly emerging alternative to a traditional internet connection.

If you are frustrated with your current setup or your business is located in a rural area where internet options are limited, fixed wireless internet is a good option.

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