Which internet providers offers the best "Price for Life" plans ?

Which internet providers offers the best "Price for Life" plans ?
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Through picking a Price for Life plan, one of the easiest ways you can save cash on your home internet in the long term. Although the majority of advertised internet plan rates are promotional prices that will escalate significantly in the first three to 12 months, a Price for Life plan ensures that you will pay the same internet price for as long as you stick with that chosen plan.

On all of their internet plans, some providers provide this, and some providers have it for only a small fee, typically their most or least costly plans. Find out which Price for Life companies are providing and find out which are some of the better plans available today.

Which internet providers offer Price for Life plans?

Suddenlink: Price for Life for new users  with Suddenlink's 1 gig plan 
Suddenlink promises no price rise for new customers who pick its fiber optic 1 gig plan for a limited period. Speeds for uploads exceed 50 Mbps. 

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Cost: 75 USD. Up to 1,000 Mbps 

CenturyLink: Price for Life applies for speeds of up to 100 Mbps 
The Price for Life guarantee from CenturyLink refers to its DSL Internet plan and not to its gigabit fiber-optic plan. While the DSL plans for CenturyLink range from 20 Mbps to 100 Mbps, these speeds all cost the same price as CenturyLink will provide you with the fastest possible speeds in your region. 

Cost: 49 USD. Up to 100 Mbps 

T-Mobile Home Internet: T-$50/mo Mobile's Price for Life. 
Another fixed wireless internet service that promises no price hikes is T-Mobile Home Internet. T-Mobile provides one package, and no annual contracts, no data limits, and no secret fees are included in this plan. In the coming years, T-Mobile Home Internet is currently in its beta phase with plans to include 5G home internet, which would boost the speeds dramatically. 

Cost: 50 USD for up to 47 Mbps

Frontier: Price for Life, On select DSL internet plans
For its lowest tier DSL internet plan, Frontier's Price for Life plan is accessible. Fiber optic packages are not included, but for month-to-month deals, they are available so that you can abandon Frontier whenever you want. 

Cost: 37,99 USD. Up to 9 Mbps

Optimum:  Price for Life  1 Gig Plan     
Optimum provides it for its highest-tier package, unlike Centurylink and Frontier, which provide Price for Life for their lowest-tier plan. The 1 gig package from Optimum is a fiber optic internet connection that can go up to 940/50 Mbps. 

Cost: 65 USD. Up to 940 Mbps

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Which internet providers offers the best "Price for Life" plans ?

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