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Most Popular CenturyLink Business Plans and Packages

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Most Popular CenturyLink Business Internet Fiber Plans and Packages

Centurylink Business Internet

Big boost for small business.

Stay ready for business with 99.9% reliability* and the flexibility to upload as quickly as you download. Your business can be as quick and limitless as the world in which it operates.

Here are some of the benefits of high-speed fiber internet.

Same super-fast upload and download speeds

Massive data can be uploaded and downloaded in a fraction of the time that a cable connection takes. Support HD video conferencing, online file sharing, and cloud backups on your website.

Reliable connectivity

Fiber uses light to transmit data and is not as susceptible to electromagnetic frequencies as copper, resulting in significantly greater stability.

Boost productivity

When the internet is slow, you spend more time waiting and less time working. Fiber has the potential to improve productivity and collaboration.

Centurylink Business Internet

Most Popular CenturyLink Business Internet + Phone Plans and Packages

Centurylink Business Phone

Save money by using our fast, dependable business internet and voice to take advantage of these fantastic incentives.


Use high-speed internet to power your business.


From coast to coast, enjoy crystal-clear call quality.


Connect to business Wi-Fi with rates of 40 Mbps or higher.


Use Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Three-Way Calling, and other features.


For round-the-clock assistance, contact our business experts.

Traditional Voice | Landline

Traditional landline service provides crystal-clear, high-quality calling.

Connected Voice

A cutting-edge phone system and features are offered by Connected Voice VoIP.

Centurylink Business Phone

Frequently Asked Questions About CenturyLink Business Internet Fiber

How much is CenturyLink Business Internet?

CenturyLink Business Internet plans begin at $30 per month. There are additional taxes, fees, and surcharges.

What internet speed do I need for my small business?

The business internet speed required by your company is heavily dependent on how many devices will be connected and what functions they will do.

Frequently Asked Questions About CenturyLink Business Internet + Phone

How much is CenturyLink business phone service?

Pricing for business phone plans varies depending on your needs and situation. Call to learn more.

Where is CenturyLink business phone available?

CenturyLink business phone services are currently offered in 37 states, covering a large percentage of the country.

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