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Most Popular Frontier Business Plans and Packages

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Most Popular Frontier Business Internet Fiber Plans and Packages

*Max speeds are wired. Wi-Fi, actual & average speeds vary.

Frontier Business Internet

The fastest Fiber with the least amount of trouble.

Expert installation

When you buy online, you save $95 on installation. Installation can begin as soon as tomorrow.

No annual commitment

Connect without any strings attached. There are no data limits, hidden surcharges, or overage costs.

No router charges

A next-generation Wi-Fi 6E router will keep your employees and consumers connected. It is completely free.

Buy bundle and save money on business communications.

VoIP for any-device flexibility

Our simple internet-based voice line allows you to take calls and meetings on your phone, laptop, or desktop computer.

Advanced features for responsive service

With features like visible voicemail, voicemail-to-email, and a virtual receptionist, you can always be available for customers.

Cloud-based for business-from-anywhere

With cloud-based access to your calls and messages, you can manage your business from anywhere.

Frontier Business Phone

Grow your business with Frontier Add-ons

Centurylink Business RingCentral

Frontier | RingCentral

$ 24 99* /mo
  • You may run your business from anywhere.
  • Message, video, and phone all in one secure app.
  • File sharing and task managements
  • Call Analytics can help you gain business insights.
CentFrontierurylink Business SmartVoice


$ 19 99* /mo

Prices starting at $19.99/mo when bundled with Business Fiber Internet*

  • VoIP for device independence
  • Access to calls and texts through the cloud
  • Advanced responsive service features
  • Unlimited local and long-distance calling
Centurylink Business Static IP

Static IP

$ 19 99* /mo
  • Large files can be safely shared via a secure network.
  • Reduced server downtime
  • Remote access is available at all times and from any location
  • Connections that are more dependable and of greater quality

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