How to Speed Up and Clean Up Your PC

How to Speed Up and Clean Up Your PC
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It is crucial to do so with the tools they would need to stay optimally efficient as your workers go about their workdays ... and that these services are in the best condition for them to do so. Although this is always an overlooked factor, it ensures that their machine needs to be clean and fully functioning. When it comes to keeping a workstation clean enough to work optimally, let's go through a few best practices to follow.


What's the difference made by a clean workstation?

Simply put, quite a number. If it's not maintained properly, a machine can get pretty gross.

Not only is it more esthetically pleasing to look at when it is kept hygienic, it can support its operations by helping to regulate its temperature and can also avoid germs from spreading by keeping a workstation clean. It is therefore critical that you discuss the cleanliness of your workstation periodically. To ensure that your computer equipment is properly cleaned, let's go through some best practices.


How Do I Clean My Workstation Often?

There are a lot of factors that factor into how much a little TLC can be used on your workstation. Although the minimum should be at least once a year, there are other variables that will play into your particular situation. For example, whether it's in the home or in an office or in any other setting, where the machine is located, and what circumstances are present there may make it wise to clean it more often.

It just makes sense to do stuff like:


  • An industrial environment

  • The presence of pets

  • Carpeting

  • Who typically uses the computer (especially children)


And several other variables will increase the frequency of cleaning a machine. So, if it's been over a year since you cleaned your machine, it's time.


How to Speed Up and Clean Up Your PC



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Cleaning the components of your workstation correctly

To protect them from accidental harm, each piece of your workstation should be cleaned differently. Here, for a desktop workstation, we will concentrate on the best practices, which vary slightly from those for cleaning a laptop.

Although we're going to go briefly through the correct way to clean each part, there are a few general best practices you should also remember:


  • Do not explicitly spray any liquid into the computer. Spray and clean with a towel instead.

  • Do not use a vacuum, as a damaging static charge can be produced. Blow away any debris using compressed air.

  • Do not encourage fans to spin freely while you clean them, as they may potentially be harmed.

  • Always turn the machine off before you try to clean it.


The Interior

Keeping the inside of your case clean helps to reduce the device's internal temperature, eventually benefiting from its activities. Compressed air helps you to clean out debris without causing damage to the internal components of the system.


The Peripherals

The cleaning of the various accessories that allow you to use your desktop offers various advantages. With a mixture of compressed air and diluted rubbing alcohol or any other disinfectant, keeping the keyboard and mouse clean will help keep you safe, whereas dusting off your monitor periodically can help encourage visibility.


The Case

Cleaning the case of your machine will assist with ventilation while making it look better as well. To further reduce dust, use a lint-free cloth to wipe down the exterior.



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