Internet Keeps Dropping? Here's How To Fix It!

Internet Keeps Dropping? Here's How To Fix It!

The unwavering quality of your internet connection decides your general internet utilization. For casual browsing, you might not experience any difficulty with losing an internet connection every few minutes. In any case, on the off chance that you are telecommuting or working from home, and need to make or receive internet-based audio and video calls, a predictable connection has a significant effect. 

What happens when your internet connection keeps dropping and reconnecting? 

Your internet-based calls can get disconnected. On account of video conferences with various participants, it may be baffling to continue joining the meeting each time the connection gets disengaged. This is likewise an enormous waste of time. 

While playing online games, with the internet cutting in and out, you may lose your online fights. This dampens the gameplay altogether.

For students depending on online classes, with the internet cutting in and out, live classes become troublesome. 


Are you wondering why does my internet keeps dropping?

The following could be a couple of reasons why the internet keeps dropping

  • Wi-Fi connection problems
  • Router issues
  • Cable or hardware faults
  • Too much wireless interference


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What would you be able to do if the internet keeps dropping and reconnecting?

Range of the router

Check whether the drops are because you are close to the edge of the coverage area of your router. Even with the most efficient routers, you might notice connection issues when you go close to the maximum range.

Router firmware updates

Make sure that your router firmware is up to date. Timely updates of the router can solve most of the connectivity related issues. The same applies to the firmware of the extender if you are using one to expand the range of the network. Turn on auto-updates for all the networking devices in your home.

PC hardware troubles

If your problem is not solved even after replacing the cable, the issue could be the network adapter on your computer. Identify this problem by checking whether you face such stability issues on all the devices connected to the network or only on one particular computer or laptop. If the issue is observed in only one device, then you must check the network adapter of the device. In such cases, updating the network card with the latest firmware would solve the issue.

Modem software issues

Software issues in the modem could be one of the major causes of inconsistent internet connection. If you keep the modem and router running for a long time, turning them off for some time and then turning them back on should restore the consistency of the connection.

Crowded wireless network

Too much interference could be another issue. If you are opting for lower bandwidth, then having too many devices simultaneously connected to the network might lead to occasional drops in the connection. This happens particularly when one or more devices are streaming content. In such cases, try choosing a different plan that works for your usage. Also, try checking the consistency of the connection once you have turned off possibly interfering with wireless devices.

Outdated or broken cables

Another issue that leads to drops in the internet connection could be with respect to the cabling. If you have some old cables connected from the modem to the router, try replacing them and check if the connection becomes stable. Internal damage in the cable cannot be identified through physical inspection.


The internet that continues dropping can be particularly disappointing when you are telecommuting or working from home. With the previously mentioned ways, you can dispose of the issue. Yet, in the event that the issue persists, don't struggle with a slow internet connection. Get in touch with the technical support team of your internet service provider, and make the most of your broadband connection.


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