How Much Does the Cheapest DirecTV Package Cost?

How Much Does the Cheapest DirecTV Package Cost?
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The most basic package for DIRECTV is the SELECT package. If you are on a balanced budget you might consider this package. This includes over 150 channels and most of them are in High Definition. Includes family channels such as educational, kids channels, and basic programming such as news.

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It is best for budget-minded families who want a variety of everything. The select package includes free genie HD DVR rental for your main receiver box TV set up. Free satellite installation dish leash and installation of all equipment. Also, there is a free 3 months for new customers for 10 channels of HBO, 7 channels for Starz, 8 Channels for Showtime, and 8 channels for Cinemax.

Check out the minimum total cost for signing up with the SELECT package:

  • $35/month for the first 12 months (plus taxes)

  • $76/month for months 13-24 (plus taxes, subject to change)

  • The average cost of $55.50/month over two year

Here are a few channels that are included in the DirecTV Select Package

Popular Channels: Disney, AMC, FX, Fox News, TNT, TLC, CNN, Bravo, MSNBC, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, USA, E! & more.

Local Channels: The CW, ABC, CBS, PBS, Univision & more.

Other Channels: AWE, Spike, Syfy, History, HGTV, Disney Junior, Tru, VH1, Velocity, NASA Investigation Discovery, Hallmark, & more.

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DirecTV Select

This package is the best option for casual viewers and budget-minded people who do not spend a lot on TV services.

DirecTV Select Channels vary in your area. You can call us and verify channels before ordering.

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