The Best DIRECTV Internet Services Provider To Use

The Best DIRECTV Internet Services Provider To Use
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We believe AT&T's DSL and fiber are the greatest matches for DIRECTV internet services. Because AT&T owns DIRECTV, you'll benefit from faster internet speeds, lower package rates, and one payment. To utilize DIRECTV, you don't need an internet connection. Because it's a satellite TV service, you can use any internet provider in your area. However, there are a couple of internet service providers (ISPs) that work very well with DIRECTV.

CenturyLink, another DSL/fiber provider, has a deal with DIRECTV for the TV portion of its packages. However, CenturyLink's fiber package is more expensive than AT&T's, and you'll have two monthly payments.

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The Best DIRECTV internet service providers


Price $50 - $65 per month
Speed up to 940Mbps
Bundles with phone service

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Price $60 per month
Speed up to 940Mbps
Bundles with phone service

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CenturyLink Best Contract

CenturyLink only offers a single fiber plan. CenturyLink Fiber Internet costs $65.00 a month and offers up to 940 Mbps download and upload speeds. You'll pay $5.00 more than with AT&T Fiber, but you'll get slightly faster upload speeds  

CenturyLink costs $50.00 per month for DSL speeds of up to 100 Mbps. That's only $10 a month less than AT&T's fiber internet service, which is 10 times faster than DSL. So, cross your fingers and pray that fiber is available where you reside.

CenturyLink's DSL plans, on the other hand, all come with long-term price guarantees, which means your rates won't go up as long as you keep your plan. Given how much you can accomplish with 100 Mbps, this isn't such an awful value. And none of this is possible without a contract.

What's not so wonderful about CenturyLink's bundles is that they won't save you much money if at all. With DIRECTV's PREMIER package, you'll save roughly $5.00 per month on the triple-play bundle. The rest of the items are at standard prices.

In comparison to AT&T, customer service is going to be a bit of a problem. Call CenturyLink for internet and phone service. 

AT&T Best Overall

AT&T also offers a single fiber-optic plan. The plan is Internet 1000 and it cost $60.00 per month and it offers to download and upload speeds of up to 940 Mbps and 880 Mbps, respectively. This is a fantastic deal. Customers who bundle TV and internet will still receive a $10/month discount on TV.

If fiber isn't available in your area, AT&T offers a DSL service with download rates of up to 100 Mbps. It also costs $35.00 each month. Yes, it costs the same as the fiber plan. And DSL internet is still a terrific deal. However, the same price makes the fact that you aren't eligible for fiber sting much more.

DSL bundles from AT&T work in the same way as fiber bundles. As a result, combining AT&T services saves you a total of $10.00.

What we like 

Fiber at the best price. Bundles combining internet and phone service offer download speeds of up to 940 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 880 Mbps.

What we don't like

Not all areas are available

Final thoughts

If you don't mind signing a contract, AT&T is the ideal internet provider for DIRECTV because you can have your internet, phone, and TV service from one company at a discounted price. There's also the HBO Max agreement to think about.

However, AT&T's bundle savings aren't as significant. If you'd prefer not to be bound by a contract, CenturyLink may be worth the extra cost.

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