Things You Should Never Search on Google

Things You Should Never Search on Google

In most cases, Google can be a huge aid in locating information or something you need, but it can also be a hindrance at times. The following is a list of stuff you should avoid Googling.


Any illegal activity

Searching for stuff like how to make a bomb or how to make drugs can land you in serious trouble, as security and drug enforcement agencies monitor such searches.


Skin problems

There are many diseases that affect the skin, and some of them can be very unsightly. Many pictures of this can be found on Google, but many of them are upsetting.


Smoker's Lung

There are many photos on the internet of people who heavily smoke. If you're looking for motivation to quit smoking, you can look up at it, but we doubt you'll see it.


smoker's lung


Animals that are dangerous

If you don't want to pick up new phobias, stay away from such a list. There are several frightening creatures, some of which are regional, that may prevent you from traveling.


Your Name

Our privacy is in jeopardy in the internet age, and googling your name could yield unfavorable results, such as bad images of you, incorrect facts, and irrelevant content.


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Your symptoms

Let's start with your health issues; many websites specialize in this type of content, but they are not run by physicians. You will not benefit from looking up your symptoms on the internet; in reality, you will panic. If you have a health condition, don't depend on Dr. Google; instead, schedule an appointment with a doctor.



It's one of those cases where the less you know, the better you sleep. There are several types of these, and they may look identical to other innocuous conditions that aren't cancer, leading you to assume you have cancer symptoms.

bed bugs

Infestations of bedbugs

You may have heard of or seen bedbugs on the bed, but stop looking up bedbug infestation on Google.


Getting rid of blackheads

This will not frighten you or cause you any problems, but we advise you to avoid it.


Giving Birth

We've probably seen this in movies where people are yelling, but in fact, it's more upsetting, causing women to freak out and consider not having children after watching it.



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