How to Find the Best Online Deals?

How to Find the Best Online Deals?
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With the simple click of a button, online shopping has made it easier than ever for people around the world to get what they need. It appears, in fact, that it has become a favorite pastime. In 2020, the number of digital buyers is estimated to reach 2.05 billion and increase to 2.14 billion by 2021.

It's about time you make sure you get the best offers online if you're among the billions. Luckily, to get better deals, digital hunter-gatherers can fill a checkout cart with tips and tricks.

Here's what you need to know on how you can shop for the best online sales.




Yes, haggling, even online, is still an option. Opening the little chat box on most online store pages to talk to a customer service rep is one way to potentially push down the price of something online. Customers can just be blunt there and request anything from a discount to free delivery. The worst that they can say is "no."

There is also the opportunity to use applications such as PriceWaiter, which will do all the user's negotiating. The app now partners with many larger online retailers and enables customers to make a bid on an item instead of paying the price of the sticker. Usually, whether their bid has been accepted or rejected, the app will let users know within 24 hours.


Free or In-Store Pickup Shipping


Shopping tips online don't end at coupons. Finding free shipping deals is another way to save. Free shipping is usually an option at checkout if you don't need an item as soon as possible.

Free shipping with a minimum order number is also provided by several online retailers.

Ordering an item online and then picking it up for free at the store could be another choice. It might be worth it to skip shipping costs entirely if it's close enough to catch in person.




Go to a Price Watcher


Consumers who are not in a hurry to buy an item may be able to take advantage of resources for price monitoring. Price monitoring apps allow shoppers to keep informed about price drops and discounts so that at the right time they can click "buy"*.

Apps such as Honey have tools such as Droplist that allow customers to save products for later and be alerted when there is a price drop on an item on the list.

Other applications, such as Amazon's CamelCamelCamel track rates, a desktop application, can also find even more offers on the Internet. It works by showing how much an item costs in many online shops so that shoppers can select the best one.


Following Brands Social Media Accounts


Following brands and retailers on social media is one more way to possibly find the best offers online. Brands love to give something exclusive to their loyal customers so that they can share exclusive deals and offers before anyone else on their social media pages and newsletters.


Comparing Prices Online


Many bigger stores, such as Walmart and Target, are participating in price-matching programs, which ensures you can get it at another if you find a price at one store.

This used to mean getting in a printed paper coupon or proof that at a particular store the product was on sale at a cheaper price, but now it can all be done online. All a shopper has to do is reach out to customer service, which will help out.

The retail giant also provides clients access to Savings Catcher, its own price-matching app, exclusively for Walmart shoppers. Only check the receipt after buying an item at Walmart. If it finds the item somewhere else for less money, Walmart can compare prices and issue a refund.




Consumers need to be sure they are having the right quality in order to find the best price online. And reading online reviews is one way to do that. Customers all over the internet leave feedback of items they have bought, alerting others to possible problems or future major purchases.

Check for "verified purchase" on websites like Amazon to know that the review is genuine.

Is it really something you want or need before buying a product, or will it bring joy? If so, read feedback to ensure that before clicking "buy" it's the right fit.


Find the best coupons codes


In order to help customers find the best prices at their favorite stores, discount codes lurk all over the internet. Many online retailers, for example, will offer consumers a small discount for newsletter registration or their first order. Others hide discount codes, but for coupon hunters, a quick Google search will yield great results.

Searching on discount websites such as An easier way to dig up coupons for online retailers maybe.

Digital shoppers should also try to download Chrome plugins, such as Honey, which scans the internet for the best coupon codes automatically and applies them at checkout.


Coupon codes


Waiting for sales


Larger stores will likely host online shopping promotions during the year. These sales, especially on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, are known to occur during the holidays.

There are typically other big sales during holidays such as Presidents Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. Consumers can be able to receive substantial discounts during this period, so if you can wait for a transaction, consider waiting until then.

Amazon Prime Day is one more "holiday" to keep an eye out for. Retailers around the website give steep discounts on items during the sale.

You must be an Amazon Prime member, which comes with a subscription, to get in on the bargain. But on most goods, Amazon Prime members get free shipping, which can add up in the long run.




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