Stay in Touch with Family & Friends with this Free Apps

Stay in Touch with Family & Friends with this Free Apps
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Staying in contact with long-distance loved ones has never been simpler! Because of these video applications and software, you can in any case keep in contact even when you can’t physically be together. Here is a portion of our top picks: 

Marco Polo 


Another walkie talkie application, Marco Polo includes video chatting abilities! On this application, you can send video messages to friends for them to watch live, or to replay later. It's ideal for those occasions when you need to Facetime, however, simply don't have the opportunity. You can even make Marco Polo groups stay in contact with your family or friends group. Marco Polo is completely free to download and use.



Voxer goes about as a present-day walkie talkie and allows you to send sound messages to loved ones. You can either listen live or tune in to the recorded message later. You can even make group chats with up to 500 individuals. For people, their personal plan is free to use! Be that as it may, they likewise have business plans available for purchase.


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Facebook Messenger 


Facebook Messenger has a group video highlight which makes it excessively simple to video chat with the entirety of your loved ones at once. They even have great fun filters and stickers for the video! 

Netflix Party 


In the event that you miss having movie evenings with your friends, this may be the ideal arrangement! This Google Chrome extension permits you to sync up with your companions and watch a similar movie or TV show on Netflix. There is even a chat window as an afterthought with the goal that you can catch up while getting up to the most recent Netflix shows. This extension is free to download and utilize.


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For the individuals who don't have iPhones or access to Facetime app,

Skype is another incredible video chatting application. You can video chat loved ones on a desktop, tablet, or cell phone. Skype likewise has a text chat or voice call alternative for you to stay in contact for the duration of the day. 


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