Best Air Quality Monitoring Apps that you Must try

Best Air Quality Monitoring Apps that you Must try

Air quality in an area is determined by a number of factors, in particular the number of people living in the area and air quality in general.

Together, these elements produce an air quality index (AQI) between 0.5 and 1.0, and an area is assigned standardized public health advice. As there are no time factors involved, the area can be divided into zones according to the number of people in the region and air quality. The AQ I for a particular location depends on a variety of factors such as age, location, population density, weather conditions, and other factors.

1. AirVisual


AirVisual is one of the most comprehensive AQI apps for Android and iOS. In addition to letting you see quality levels, AirVisual offers a range of other features.

One of these is health recommendations, through which the app shows steps you can take to avoid getting sick. These include wearing a mask, closing your windows, or avoiding cycling.

AirVisual can send you alerts when the AQI fluctuates, which you can use as a widget on Android. Plus, you can view an overview of the entire globe to check how other cities compare to yours.


To share on social networks, you can take a picture and apply the AirVisual filter on it. This adds details such as the AQI and location onto the image.

Download: AirVisual for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Plume Air Report


Plume is air pollution checking app for users who want to adjust their outdoor activity sessions based on air quality. It has a sleek interface that shows exactly when you should, for instance, take your dog for a walk.

There’s a timeline at the bottom half of the app and a visual at the top that displays the air quality, temperature, and other data.

Tap the upper section to reveal further details such as particle concentration, the best day of the year for air quality, and more. You can even select an activity beforehand and Plume will tell you the best times for it. Like AirVisual, Plume also offers a social image tool, periodic alerts, and a world view.

Download: Plume Air Report for Android | iOS (Free)

3. Sh**t! I Smoke


This little tool takes a unique approach compared to other air quality checking apps. Instead of throwing up the usual array of numbers, Sh**t! I Smoke shows the cigarette equivalent of the air you breathe.

For example, it might say “Shoot! You’ll smoke 2.7 cigarettes today” rather than simply telling you the AQI levels.

You can still check those specific metrics by selecting, though. To augment the experience, the app even plays a smoke animation on the right edge of the screen.

Download: Sh**t! I Smoke for Android | iOS (Free)

4. How to Check Air Quality on macOS


If you want to stay on top of air quality updates while working on a Mac, try an app called Air. It’s a straightforward Mac utility that shows your ZIP code’s air quality in the menu bar. Air automatically determines your location and functions perfectly out of the box.

Plus, its background in the menu bar even adapts to the conditions, such as showing bright red for unhealthy environments. Apart from this, you don’t have many options except for manually choosing a ZIP code. At the time of writing, Air only works in the United States.

Download: Air for macOS (Free)

5. Check Air Quality From Your Browser

If you don’t want to install a dedicated AQI measurement app, you can check air quality from your browser too. There are a lot of websites that offer a similar set of features without installing anything.


Two you should try are BreezoMeter and Aqicn. Both of them provide largely accurate results. As it turns out, Aqicn actually stems from a social enterprise project called The World Air Quality Index Project.

Visit: BreezoMeter
Visit: Aqicn

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