Slow Internet? Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

Slow Internet? Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Internet Connection
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Slow internet connection sucks! Everybody wants a faster internet! Here, we are going to discuss the problem and solution to speed up your internet connection. There's a lot of tips out there but not all of them work. Some tricks are fake just to boost their views and others are not really helpful at all. Without having to spend hours just to figure out how to fix your connection, we are here to help.

Before you make changes to your home Internet, it is important to know what speed you are actually getting. If you reach a download speed of 75 Mbps, you are in a pretty good position, but if you pay for 100 Mbps, that is much more than you had to pay in the past.

Paying for a higher price is not the solution, in fact, it is more likely that the speed will change significantly if you pay for 100 Mbps. It can be frustrating to reach a speed of 9 Mbps without paying for better plans. Take a minute to look at your bill and see what speed (Mbps) you are paying, if for. If you are not getting the right speed, you better call your internet service provider.

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When you pay online, you may need to see more information about the speed of your broadband connection and other details about your bill on the invoice or on the page of your ISP account. Turn off unnecessary software on your connected devices and see what happens, and expect slightly slower speeds during peak usage times when everyone is watching Netflix at home.

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Now that you know you're paying the speed limit on your bill, it's time to do a speed test on or download speed should be closer to what you see on your bill, and you don't have to do a bit more bug fixing to pay for a better plan. So great that you can get on with your life, increase your network speed, or even switch to a higher speed plan to become so great that you don't even have to do it. So how do you speed up slow internet?

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How to Fixed Slow Internet Connect?

1. If you’re only experiencing slow internet speed on your desktop computer (not your phone or other devices), then try running anti-virus software

2. Make sure that the other devices in your home aren’t hogging your network. You can do this by turning everything off manually, or by checking what devices are connected to your router

3. Check the coaxial cable connection between your modem and the wall. Remove any Coaxial splitters, and try swapping out the Coaxial cable if you have another one handy. Check that the Ethernet cable connecting your modem and router isn’t damaged in any way, and try swapping it out with another cable if possible.

4. If you’re operating on a wireless connection, then move your router out from behind your couch and place it in an open area. If you own any cordless phones, try powering them down, as they may be interfering with your router’s signal

5. Try plugging your computer into your modem via Ethernet cable. If this makes a startling difference to your internet speed, then your problem is probably due to a crappy router or network interference.

6. Unplug your router and modem for 10 to 20 seconds. It’s important that you actually wait before plugging them back in, as their internal components can retain a charge for a lot longer than you’d expect

if you aren’t happy with the service that you’re receiving, then it’s time to switch providers. Consider switching from cable internet to a service like Google Fiber or AT&T Fiber.


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