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Best AT&T Internet Fiber Plans and Packages

AT&T Fiber Plans and Package

*Price after discounts: $20/mo w/elig wireless svc and $5/mo Autopay & Paperless bill discounts (start w/in 2 bills). Monthly State Cost Recovery charge applies in OH, TX NV. One time install fee may apply.
Package Speed Features & Benefits Price
AT&T Fiber
300Mbps speed
  • 15x faster upload speeds than cable³
  • Fast online speeds for the whole family
$35.00/mo. plus taxes
AT&T Fiber
500Mbps speed
  • 20x faster upload speeds than cable³
  • Faster online speeds so everyone can stay connected to their devices¹
$45.00/mo. plus taxes
AT&T Fiber
Up to 1 GIG speed
  • 25x faster upload speeds than cable³
  • Even faster online speeds for almost seamless connectivity, digital collaboration and pro-level gaming
$60.00/mo. plus taxes
AT&T Fiber
2 GIG speed
  • Ultra-fast online speeds to support smart-home activities, work-from-home demands, at-home learning and more
  • For the powerfully interconnected smart home
$130.00/mo. plus taxes
AT&T Fiber
5 GIG speed
  • Our fastest online speed to support cutting-edge technology such as elite gaming and truly immersive experiences
  • Engage, stream and connect at unsurpassed speede
$230.00/mo. plus taxes

Customize your home WiFi network.

You decide the rules for your Wi-Fi. You may use the Smart Home Manager app to establish limitations for your children with parental control tools, track data usage by users, invite guests to access your network, and more—from anywhere, at any time.

AT&T has the most powerful and intelligent WiFi network.

The next generation of adaptive wireless internet has arrived! To keep the whole family pleased, our Wi-Fi 6 gateway provides the quickest and most dependable connectivity across your home.

Excellent coverage. In more locations.

  • Enhanced speed and coverage, allowing access to your basement and attic
  • Replacement of a lifetime extender
  • Compatible with our Wi-Fi 6 Gateway.
  • Using the Smart Home Manager app, determine the best location for each extender.

Best AT&T Internet Bundle Plans and Packages

The future of television has arrived.

The Gemini device is going to take the enjoyment you have to the next level. Experience seamless access to Sports Central, your applications, and channels, all handled via a Google-powered voice remote*.

Every package includes
popular channels.

Every bundle includes all of these channels as well as much more.

AT&T Fiber Frequently Asked Questions

What is fiber optic internet?

Fiber optic internet is a type of internet service in which data travels using fiber optic cables. This differs from standard cable internet, which normally transmits data using copper cables.

What is the difference between fiber internet and Wi-Fi?

Fiber internet is a type of internet service that is delivered to your house via high-speed fiber-optic connections.

Wi-Fi technology enables the internet service to be accessed wirelessly by Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Instead of utilizing an ethernet cable, your Wi-Fi devices, such as cellphones and laptops, connect wirelessly to your Wi-Fi router.

What is hyper-gig internet?

AT&T offers a series of hyper-gig internet plans that include 1 GIG, 2 GIG, and 5 GIG internet speed tiers. AT&T All-Fi, a next-generation Wi-Fi experience for all of your devices, is included in all three hyper-gig plans.

What is the process for AT&T Fiber installation, and how long will it take?

Even if you currently have AT&T services, AT&T Fiber installation may necessitate the arrival of a technician to your home. Fiber services necessitate different types of cable and equipment, and the expert will upgrade your internet lines to ensure you get our most recent fiber optic technology.

Though it varies, AT&T Fiber installation normally takes four to six hours. Installation may entail replacing existing copper cabling with new fiber connections to offer you with the finest internet experience possible.

Does AT&T offer the highest speed internet?

AT&T Fiber provides the fastest internet among major internet service providers in some places, with download and upload rates of up to 5Gbps.

AT&T Internet with DIRECTV Package Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best TV and Internet service?

The best TV and internet service will be determined by your specific needs and tastes. If you want fast internet and a huge channel selection, consider getting DIRECTV and a home internet plan powered by AT&T Fiber, such as Internet 1000.

How do I get multiple AT&T services at once?

If you want internet and TV service, new customers can get a DIRECTV package and a home internet plan powered by AT&T Fiber with 300Mbps speeds for $55 per month (plus taxes and fees).

How much does TV and internet service cost a month?

The monthly cost of your TV and internet services will be determined by your desired TV package, location, and internet plan.

What DIRECTV and AT&T Internet packages can I get?

AT&T Internet service and DIRECTV bundles are only available in certain areas.

DirecTV and AT&T internet services are accessible to new customers where available:

  • The DirecTV Entertainment Package + AT&T Fiber with speeds up to 300Mbps for a combined total amount of $129.99/month for the first 12 months (plus taxes and fees).
  • The DirecTV Choice™ Package + AT&T Fiber with speeds up to 300Mbps for a combined total amount of $134.99/month for the first 12 months (plus taxes and fees).
  • The DirecTV Choice™ Package + AT&T Fiber with speeds up to 1 GIG for a combined total amount of $154.99/mo for the first 12 months (plus taxes and fees).

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