How to Use an AT&T Hotspot?

How to Use an AT&T Hotspot?
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By connecting it to your smartphone or a standalone hotspot device, a mobile hotspot enables you to connect a device, such as a laptop or a tablet, to the internet wherever you are. You can tether it to your phone and get online anywhere you have a signal as long as the computer you choose to connect has Wi-Fi capabilities.

With several, but not all of its data plans, AT&T provides hotspot ability. These are actually some of the "Unlimited plans, as well as all Network Sharing plans and all Prepaid plans for the AT&T 4GB plan.

AT&T Internet is offering schools a package so that more children can interact with online classes.


Can I replace my Home Internet with AT&T mobile hotspot plan?


If you're new to hotspots, you might be wondering if your home Internet could be replaced by an AT&T mobile hotspot. It's doing the same thing after all, right?

Ok, maybe. It depends on how you use the Internet at home (and how much). AT&T's package is 30GB/mo with the largest data allocation. With Elite Unrestricted. The data limits would not be an issue for you if you just review emails, send images, or download a song or video from time to time.

But if you're a heavy user, operating from home or streaming a lot of HD or 4K content, the 30GB will zoom by and you're going to find your speeds drastically throttled. Buying more data to get through the end of the month would be tempting (or required, if you are working from home)-a costly option if you do it more than once.

Since AT&T has a robust 4G LTE network, download speeds should not be a concern, usually about 40 Mbps, unless you have several users simultaneously online.

You might find that the extra cost of a standalone hotspot router is worthwhile if you plan to try using this technology. AT&T has several; you will be running $249.99 (or $8.34/mo.) on the Netgear Nighthawk LTE mobile hotspot router and this router shows how many devices are linked to it, how much of your data plan you've used, and how many days are left on it.


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How to set up your AT&T mobile hotspot

For Android devices:

  1. Go to your device settings

  2. Choose “Connections” or “Networks

  3. Select “Mobile Hotspot and Tethering

  4. Turn on the hotspot

For Apple devices:

  1. Go to your device settings

  2. Choose “cellular data” and then hit “personal hotspot

  3. Turn on the hotspot

For them to operate, you must have an AT&T plan that accommodates mobile hotspots. You can upgrade your plan if you don't.


How to Setup your AT&T Mobile Hotspot?


Best AT&T mobile hotspot plans


Monthly prepaid data plans for mobile hotspots:

  • 3GB of data for 30 days: $25/mo. (Add 1GB of data for $10)

  • 10GB of data for 30 days: $50/mo. (Add 1.5GB of data for $10)

  • 18GB of data for 30 days: $75/mo. (Add 2GB of data for $10)

  • Note: Unused data does not roll overuse it or lose it at the end of 30 days.

Wireless phone plans that include hotspot data:

  • AT&T Unlimited Elite: 30GB/mo. hotspot data per line 

  • AT&T Unlimited Extra: 15GB/mo. hotspot data per line 

  • AT&T 4 GB Plan: 4GB/mo. data per line 


Mobile Sharing plans are for data only and are for devices such as tablets or standalone mobile hotspot devices, not for your handset. They range from $40/mo to 4GB of data. 50GB of data for $335/mo. You'll pay $20/mo as well. Access device fee.

Some older wireless plans, such as Unlimited & More Premium, are no longer available, but you can take advantage of the hotspot details that come with them if you're still on them.

If you need to get online away from home but can't find free Wi-Fi, a mobile hotspot can be extremely helpful. It can also be a way to access the internet at home for those with spotty internet but a decent wireless signal. And to get rid of their home internet, others would want to use the hotspot feature. The trick is to decide whether a hotspot plan gives you the potential of a regular internet plan, before turning on the hotspot button, add up all the costs and then make your decision.


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