How to Fix Spectrum internet Slow Speed Problem

How to Fix Spectrum internet Slow  Speed Problem
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Spectrum Internet is an internet service provider with connections of up to 940Mbps in specified locations. Although most people will be satisfied with one of Spectrum's lower 100Mbps packages, those speeds are still sufficient for the majority of people. Due to the lack of data limitations, Spectrum is one of your best options if you are a heavy downloader or broadcaster. Now all you have to do is double-check that your connection is set up correctly and that you have the necessary equipment to make use of it.

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Between your connected device and the internet connection, there are a few components, including your wireless router, a modem, and Spectrum's own infrastructure. To get the most out of your connection, locate and speed up the slowest area of your network, also known as your bottleneck.

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How to Fix Spectrum internet  

Conduct some research

1. Find out how much you're paying for internet speed. Typically, this information can be found in your statement.
2. You can use a speed test to determine how fast your connection is right now. 
3. Start by running a few speed tests in the same room as your router. Move about your house to see where you could use the internet and note which locations have the slowest connections.
4. Try comparing your results to the price you paid.

In an ideal world, you'd get the full speed you pay for in every room of your house, but signal obstacles and interference from other sources, such as a neighbor's network, might cause speeds to decrease.

It may be time for an upgrade if you discover you are getting the speeds you paid for but they are insufficient. To upgrade your plan, go online and look at your alternatives or call customer service at 833-267-6094. The 100Mbps connection will probably suffice for a handful of individuals, but if you add more people, especially streamers, you may find that it isn't enough. For the vast majority of consumers, Spectrum's 300Mbps plan will enough.

As long as your area supports it, Spectrum can deliver download speeds of up to 940Mbps. To stay up with your base connection, the rest of your network will need to be speedier as well.

Please remember that you'll need a faster upload speed if you want to be the next big Twitch streamer. Spectrum's upload speeds are often slow, so if you want to stream at 1080p 60FPS or higher, buy the fastest Gig Internet service to take advantage of its 35Mbps upload capabilities.

Restart Modem

Even if you're right next to your router, if your internet isn't getting the speeds you expect, you might just need to reset your modem to check sure the settings are accurate. Spectrum may need to transmit new configuration information to your modem on occasion, and while these settings are usually automatic, the modem may require a manual restart to complete the update.

Simply unplug your modem for a minute before plugging it back in to restart it. You can also use the Spectrum Internet Troubleshooting Tool and the My Spectrum app to do so.

You may have to reboot your Wi-Fi router at the same time, but most routers will be able to re-acquire the information they require without needing to be restarted.

Invest in new equipment

If you've discovered a bottleneck in your home network and need to upgrade some equipment, there are many wonderful solutions available. If you aren't obtaining adequate internet speeds, even when using a wired connection, you may need a new modem. If you're renting a modem from Spectrum, make sure it's fast enough for your service by contacting customer support.

A mesh system could be ideal if your property has a layout that is difficult to cover with wireless signals, such as concrete walls or being extremely large. Multiple smaller routers are used in mesh systems to cover a larger area and avoid signal-blocking devices. Mesh systems are excellent for navigating interior slabs.