Have the Digital News Subscriptions Lost Their Mind?

Have the Digital News Subscriptions Lost Their Mind?

Mon, Mar 19, 2018 5:09 PM

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On following up on the current media spellbound supernatural powers of the subscription model. Hulu, ESPN, MoviePass, Amazon, name it we will subscribe!

As the print news model lost its faith and rekindles in the digital world, we look at the breakdown of their new pricing structure. Keep in mind that we are assessing this in comparison to the existing streaming digital model.

We realize that publications like the New York Times charge $20/month for their digital subscriptions. That means that people would have to spend hours a day reading the news and doing crossword puzzles to get in line with the current digital subscription models.

Some might find the pricing too low, some might find it fair. Bottom line is that it has no cap. Jessica Levin’s, The Information raised the bar to $40 per month. We understand though that the main difference between the free club (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) and the paying clubs (The New York Times, Wall Street Journal) is that the former’s content is user-generated while the latter is producing or paying for content generation. Understandable, but not crazy about this structure considering that the print journal can be either free or $1.00 or can be found online for free.

So “people like paying for news”? No idea where that came from. Let us know if you do!