US Cities With The Cheapest High-Speed Internet

US  Cities With The Cheapest High-Speed Internet
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When deciding where to live, a growing number of Americans weigh internet service costs and accessibility. Small communities around the country have developed their own municipal broadband service to help maintain and attract people.

Find out where in the United States you can get municipal high-speed broadband for $45 or even less!

If you're thinking about moving, take a look at this list of cities with municipal internet to see if you can get reliable internet.

What is municipal broadband, and how does it work?

Municipal broadband applies to the internet access offered by municipal governments in part or in full. The most famous example is the city's free public Wi-Fi hotspots. In recent years, however, several cities have begun to consider how they can provide home internet as a utility service.

So, why isn't municipal broadband available in every community?

For example, after lobbying by the cable internet industry, 26 states have passed laws prohibiting or restricting municipal broadband. Furthermore, establishing and maintaining a high-speed internet network is costly, particularly if one does not yet operate.

Municipalities, on the other hand, have begun to lobby for bans and are looking for new ways to invest in better infrastructure. Arkansas lawmakers, for example, overwhelmingly reversed a previous statutory moratorium in 2019, allowing local municipalities to build their own municipal broadband networks.

Late last year, Charlemont, Massachusetts, turned down a $450,000 bid from Comcast to create a broadband network, opting instead to build their own $1.4 million town-owned fiber network. What is the reason for this? They desired to own their own facilities, even though it meant a higher initial investment since it would save residents money in the long run.

So, where can you get FCC-approved high-speed internet for less than $45? Take a look at this list of small towns that have their own broadband access.

Here are the cities that already have free or low-cost internet

1. Bandera. TX.

Bandera Fiber, based in Bandera, Texas, provides high-speed plans beginning at $39.99 per month for 25 Mbps. Bandera also provides fiber internet plans with speeds of 75 Mbps, 150 Mbps, 300 Mbps, and 1 Gig.

2. Pulaski, TN

On a fiber-optic network, this Tennessee town of 7,600 people provides three internet plans with speeds ranging from 60 Mbps to 150 Mbps. Their bronze plan begins at $39.55 a month and includes download speeds of 60 Mbps and upload speeds of 10 Mbps.

This helps the city to provide 300 Mbps (upload and download) fiber-optic internet service for $41.95 a month with no contracts or data limits. Residents will also pay $59.95 a month to upgrade to Gigabit broadband. In addition, the city provides rural wireless service to parts of the Sandy region. A $100 installation fee is required for all plans.

3. Wadsworth, OH

Wadsworth, Ohio's municipal cable internet provider is the City of Wadsworth Electric & Communications Department. 60 Mbps high-speed internet plans start at $39 a month. The cheapest package, however, is $25 a month for 20 Mbps. Maximum download speeds are 500 Mbps.

4. Marshall, M0

Marshall fiber internet provides incredibly low-cost options. Its most affordable high-speed broadband plans start at $30 a month for 50 megabits per second. However, for an extra $15 a month, you can upgrade to 150 Mbps. The maximum available speed is 450 Mbps.

5. Wilson, NC

Greenlight Community Broadband is Wilson's municipal fiber internet provider. Greenlight's cheapest plan is $39.95 a month for 50 Mbps; but, for a small monthly fee, you can upgrade to 300 Mbps or 1 Gig speeds.

6. Sebewaing, MI

For $35 a month, plus a $125 one-time charge for standard installation, the Michigan town of more than 1,600 residents provides 30 Mbps fiber internet (upload and download). Other plans, such as 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and 1 Gbps, are available to residents.

7. Monticello, MN

This Minnesota town of nearly 14,000 people provides 1 Gbps internet for $35.95 a month, with symmetrical upload and download speeds. Although no router is needed, residents must purchase a FiberCenter system for $15.95 per month in order to use FiberNet.

8. Stevenson, AL

North Alabama Electric Cooperative, Stevenson's fiber internet provider, provides four internet plans with speeds ranging from 30 Mbps to 1 Gig. The cheapest plan for 30 Mbps is $35 a month.

9. Longmont, CO

NextLight Internet, a community-owned and community-based broadband option in this Colorado town of just over 94,000 people, provides speeds of 25 Mbps for $39.95 per month or 1 Gbps for $69.95 per month.

Both plans have a symmetrical link, which means the upload and download speeds are the same. Customers who have had Gigabit service for more than 12 months are eligible for a Loyalty Member rate of $59.95 per month.

10. San Luis Valley, CO

Ciello, a municipal fiber-optic provider in San Luis Valley, CO, provides high-speed internet for $39.95 per month for 25 Mbps. Cielo also has 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and 1 Gig plans available.

If your city is not listed above and need a high-speed internet with cheap plans, enter your zip code below to find out what is best for you

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