Easiest Way to Self-Install Your Spectrum Internet Service

Easiest Way to Self-Install Your Spectrum Internet Service
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Innovation and technology are evolving each day. From Lifestyle to smart devices affecting our daily lives. Nowadays, everyone wants high-speed internet, no one can imagine without good internet service. However, setting up your own internet can be hard sometimes, but if you are familiar with basic software and hardware, you can install it on your own.

Hesitant to order spectrum internet online because you are worried that no one will install for you due to the quarantine. You are worried that someone else entering your home and install it for you. If the coronavirus forced you to work from home and playing online games while you are practicing social distancing, you can self-install your own Spectrum Internet.


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If you don't have the knowledge or are not familiar with the requirement to self-install Spectrum or if you are wondering if you can use your own wireless router, you can call Spectrum Customer Support so they can install it for you. Hiring a professional is not free, you will be charged additional fees and you have to schedule an appointment. What's good with Spectrum Self-installation? Self-installation won't cost you extra fees and you can do it at your own convenience. If you are on a tight budget, here's a guide to Self install your Spectrum internet service.




Requirements for Spectrum Installation

  1. Instruction guides and manuals

  2. A modem that is compatible with Spectrum Internet

  3. Wi-Fi Router

  4. Multiple Ethernet Cables

  5. Power Cables (2)

  6. Coaxial Cable


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Step-by-Step Guide for Spectrum Self-Install

1. Grab your coax cable, attach one end to the outlet of the cable and attach the other one to your modem

2. Connect the power cable and the modem. Now plug your modem into a near power outlet. Make sure the modem is placed at its preferred location.

3. After you connected to a power outlet, your modem should be connected to the network for two to five minutes. I the light remains steady, it means your online and connection are completed.

4. Attach your modem to your Wi-Fi router

5. Grab the ethernet cable in your kit and attach it to your modem.

6. Attach one end to the internet port at the back of your Wi-Fi router.

7. Make sure the other end is plugged into your power outlet and the power cable is connected to your Wi-Fi router.

8. Wait for the router light to turn blue (Wi-Fi status). It means that the Wi-Fi router has been successfully connected. This could take up to 10 minutes.

9. Activate your internet. Browse your activation URL provided from your self-install kit and complete the steps to activate your spectrum service. or go to spectrum.net/selfinstall to activate

10. Viola! You have successfully installed your Spectrum Internet.

If you need assistance please call us at 1-888-317-7540, We are here to help you!


*Refer to the image below for Spectrum Self Installation

Spectrum Self Installation Diagram


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