How to Find Your IP Address on Android?

How to Find Your IP Address on Android?
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IP addresses aren't simply for laptops and desktop computers. They are linked to any device that has an internet connection. This also applies to your Android device. If you're wondering what your Android device's IP address is, you've come to the correct spot.

Allow us to establish what an IP address is and why it is so crucial before we explain how to find your IP address.

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What is an IP address, and what does it mean?


An IP address is the unique identifier for each computer or device connected to the internet. Devices are identified by checking their IP address, just like you have your own ID card or passport number.


How to find your Android IP Address?


We recommend that you follow the methods below to determine your Android device's unique IP address:


  • Go to the Settings menu.

  • Go to the device's About page.

  • Go to the Status page.


You'll notice many addresses there, including your IMEI address, Wi-Fi MAC address, and your device's IP address.

This, however, isn't the only IP address to be concerned about. The public IP address is another, more essential, IP address.


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What is a Public IP Address?


When your device connects to the internet, your ISP assigns it a new public IP address. Your public IP address is actually more important than the IP address of your device. Why? Because it aids websites in determining your precise geographic position on a map. To put it another way, a public IP address enables websites to discover your physical address, which includes information about your country and place of residence.


Why is it that tracing a public IP address infringes on your privacy?


Any website you visit on the Internet has the ability to check your public IP address. Almost any website on the internet can see this IP address. This, however, may constitute a breach of your privacy.

Your public IP address is more than just a number provided by your network provider or Internet service provider. It also includes information about your actual physical address. This means that each website you visit will be aware of your physical address, down to the city level.

These websites then make use of the data in a variety of ways. Cookies are frequently used by these websites to keep track of your online actions. This information is then gathered and utilized to give you tailored advertisements. In the worst-case scenario, this data is gathered and sold on the dark web, where a hacker can exploit it to reveal your personal information or steal your data.


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This information is frequently used by websites to segment visitor demographics. Because you live in an unsupported location, a streaming channel's website may be restricted. A booking service or an e-commerce website may display prices that are greater than those displayed to consumers in another region.

Surveillance websites may also utilize this information to track your online habits and gain a better understanding of your personal life.

Fortunately, by employing a virtual private network, you can keep this information secret. A virtual private network (VPN) allows you to alter your public IP address to whatever virtual location you wish. This essentially hides your identity on the internet.

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