How Important to Change Your IP Address

How Important to Change Your IP Address

IP Address Explained

An IP address, or Internet Protocol address, is a set of digits that uniquely identify a device and provide information about its location.

When a device connects to the internet, such as a computer, phone, or router, it is given an IP address, or identifier, that allows it to communicate with other networks.

When you visit a website, your device sends your IP address to the website. The IP address includes the device's country, state (or province), city, and ZIP code. This enables the website to transmit the data you've requested to the correct location.

Reasons Why You Should Know How to Find Your IP Address

The internet protocol (IP) is a set of rules that govern how data is transferred across the internet or a local network. Devices are identified by their IP addresses. The same remains the case for devices, routers, and websites connected to the internet, as two persons must have separate identities and Social Security numbers. Not having a unique IP address is equivalent to everyone having the same email address or phone number, as you could guess.

You may require your IP address in order to manage or troubleshoot your Wi-Fi network. Many individuals call a computer expert whenever they have a problem, which is sad because many issues can be resolved simply by correcting an IP address mistake.

Reasons to Why You Should Change Your IP

It's possible that you'll need to alter your IP address at some point. The following are some of the reasons for this:

  • Access content that is otherwise unavailable in your physical location (for example, Netflix's U.S. library when traveling abroad).

  • You're unable to connect to Wi-Fi and are unsure why.

  • Avoid being tracked and leaving no digital traces.

  • Throttling from your internet service provider will be avoided (ISP)

  • Encrypt data to improve data security and protection.

  • Firewalls are bypassed.

  • Correct an IP address that has been configured wrongly.

  • Use a router that provides IP addresses that aren't useable.

  • Your network has two devices with the same IP address.


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Router IP vs Default Gateway IP

Before we go any further, let's clear up any misunderstandings.

The IP addresses for your router and default gateway are the same. Before any device on your network can access the internet, it must first go through your router's IP address. Consider it in the same way as you would an exterior door. To do an errand outside, you must first pass via the exterior entrance (AKA router IP). Early internet creators must have had loftier goals in mind, which could explain why they picked the term "gateway" above anything else. It sounds fantastic, but it appears to have confused some regular users.


Difference between IP Address and Router IP Address

As you’ll soon see, an IP address is a series of four numbers separated by a period. 


Each number can range from 0 to 255. 



Your internet service provider (also known as an ISP) assigns an IP address to your computer when you connect to the internet. Because it is the physical connection to the internet, all online activity passes through an ISP. As a result, all data you receive while online is routed immediately to your internet provider. Any information you receive is transmitted to your computer using the IP address your ISP issued to you, ensuring that you are the one who actually receives it. When a quarterback throws a football into a stadium vs tossing it directly to his wide receiver, the IP address is the difference.

As you go from network to network, your ISP will vary because it is assigned by both the ISP and the network. Finding your IP address at home and then doing it at work or the school library is a simple way to see this. You'll have a unique IP address for each location.

On the other hand, the IP address of your router is usually printed on the back of any documentation provided by the manufacturer. It's a little more difficult to change your router's IP address than it is to switch networks. To do so, log in as an administrator to the router and make the necessary adjustments.


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