How to Troubleshoot a Laptop with No WiFi

How to Troubleshoot a Laptop with No WiFi


Detecting the issue is difficult because the issue may be with the laptop or an internet connection. As a result, you must determine what is causing your internet connection to be blocked. In this situation, it's important to use your mobile to verify your internet connection. This is something you can do to test your connection. When the mobile works properly and establishes a link, there is no problem with the internet connection. Now we'll go through some troubleshooting techniques that you can use to resolve the issue.

Isolate the Problem

Since there are a few reasons why your laptop cannot connect to the WiFi, you have to check all the possible problems one at a time.


Router Restart

If you're using a router, you'll need to restart it and check the operation. There are a few easy ways to do this.

  • Unplug the router or modem's cord.

  • Take a minute or 30 seconds.

  • Attach your cable to the router once again. It's possible that you'll need to turn on the modem or router.

The connection may be suspended if the network or connection goes down, but it usually restores after a restart. You should be able to connect to Wi-Fi from your laptop after following these directions. However, if you don't have access to the internet, you can use a laptop that doesn't have any issues.

Restart Laptop

As a result, there may be a problem with your laptop that causes the internet connection to be disrupted. The connection will be restored and Wi-Fi will be available once you restart your laptop. As a result, you can wait a while to see what happens. If there is no sign of a connection, you should try resetting your Wi-Fi driver in some other way.

Disable Driver

The Wi-Fi adapter can stop working for a variety of reasons, including power outages or problems with other devices. The driver may not be able to help your laptop. When you reset your Wi-Fi driver, there could be a workaround from the Wi-Fi driver. These are a few easy steps to reinstall your Wi-Fi driver.

  • Navigate to "this PC" and click the right mouse button.

  • Then you go to "Device Manager".

  • There are network adapters, and you must double-click to get the Wi-Fi driver.

  • Right-click and click on "Disable" 

  • After a few seconds, right-click and now Click "Enable"

Wait for your laptop to restart and see what happens. if the device is clear of serious faults, the laptop will easily connect to Wi-Fi. If there is no indication of the connection, there are other options, such as upgrading your Wi-Fi driver.


Update Driver

This may be the most popular and clear explanation for a laptop's failure to connect to Wi-Fi. Surely, the Wi-Fi driver would not operate if the device is corrupt or if something in control panel is missing. If the issue is with a laptop, such as a Wi-Fi driver, there is a simple solution with this driver. You simply update the drivers to ensure that you can quickly connect your laptop to Wi-Fi.

How can you get an updated Wi-Fi driver if you don't have access to the internet? So, you have two options for updating your Wi-Fi driver. You can use your cable internet connection or an offline search feature to ensure you have access to driver assistance. Now you can upgrade your Wi-Fi driver in one of two ways.

It is simple to manually update your Wi-Fi driver if you go to the manufacturer's website, such as hp, ASUS, MSI, and so on.  You should choose the compatible driver for your laptop. 

update wifi driver


It's not difficult to connect the laptop to the internet through Wi-Fi. You won't be chasing down any technicians if you use these steps. You should take care of the issue at home. When you can fix your dilemma with your laptop at home, it's a fantastic experience. These approaches are extremely easy because all you have to do is deal with the PC's operating system. As a result, there is no need to pay the technician any money.


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