How to Change your Public IP and Router Address

How to Change your Public IP and Router Address
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If you ever need to modify your IP address, there are a few methods to do it. An IP address is allocated to any computer that you access the web, even your router. The router, however, does have its own IP address used by the linked devices to connect with it as well as another one used by the router to communicate with the internet.


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Why should your IP address change?

To escape online bans or to bypass country location limitations that some sites place on media content, some individuals change their public, external IP address.

It is useful to adjust the IP address of a local computer, phone, or router when:

  1. An incorrect address, like a static IP address in the wrong numeric range, is unintentionally configured.
  2. Bad addresses are given by a malfunctioning router, such as an address that another device on the network uses.
  3. Installing a new router to use the default IP address set and re-configuring the home network.


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Ways to Change your Public IP address
A public IP address is an address used, like those on the internet, to connect with networks other than your own. To mask or conceal your real IP address, use a VPN. You can also mask your public IP using a web proxy.

Certain ISPs assign their subscribers static IP addresses. With a dynamic IP address, home users are more typically configured. Either way, to request a new static IP or a dynamic IP update, you can contact your ISP since you can't change your external internet IP address.

Change the IP address of a Router
To modify the IP address of a router, log on as an administrator to the router. Change the IP address to whatever you want from the control panel. That being said, when there's a problem with it this IP address is usually altered. For most situations, the default IP address should suffice.




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