Hockey is Back! Here are the Best Satellite Providers for NHL

Hockey  is Back! Here are the Best Satellite Providers for NHL
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Hockey has returned! Hold on. Wait. Wasn't the last season just over? Not that we're arguing about recent activity from the National Hockey League, not even after the Stanley Cup was taken home to a COVID-19-displaced summer 2020 season. 

Before the first puck hits the ice on January 13, 2021, button up your viewing gear and lets the Cheap Internet Service Provider help you get a TV schedule together.

If you sign up for a streaming service like fuboTV, you can watch NHL games from pretty much any Internet-connected device. But you'll need a cable or satellite TV bundle if you want full HD or 4K image quality and improved signal reliability. 

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The platforms you need to watch games in the NHL 

NBC, NBC Sports Network, regional NBC and FOX sports networks (RSNs), and Surprise NHL Network, NHL Center Ice, and NHL.TV is airing season. It may not have the NBA or NFL's reach, but on satellite, cable, and live streaming TV platforms, pro hockey is still easy to catch.

NHL's Best Satellite Providers 

We also favored Xfinity and Cox for cable to watch the NHL here, because they are easily accessible and likely to be in your area. We suggest DIRECTV and DISH on the satellite side, as there are only two satellite TV providers in the US, not counting upstart Orby TV, which has no dedicated sports channels. 

NHL Center Ice, and out-of-market game kit that you can't access from a subscription service, is the greatest hockey-viewing bonus of cable and satellite TV. On average, per season, NHL Center Ice holds up to 40 out-of-market games. It also has broadcasts from Canada.

Up to $160 a season (depending on the provider) costs NHL Center Ice and includes NHL.TV, which is also available as standalone streaming (more on that in the third period). 

FOX RSNs, NBC Sports Network, and NBC are cable and satellite staple networks, so either of the above TV providers will keep hockey fans interested. 

Here are the NHL cable picks from Cheap Internet, based on cost and availability: 
Cox - Contour TV Ultimate plan ($69.99/mo.)
Xfinity - Digital Preferred plan ($89.49/mo.

Here are the NHL satellite picks from Cheap Internet, based on price and availability: 
DISH - America’s Top 200 plan ($84.99/mo.)
DIRECTV - Ultimate plan ($74.99/mo.)

FAQ: How to Watch NHL 

Is it free on the NHL Network? 
The NHL Network, which broadcasts games live is included in the higher-priced plans of most cable and satellite providers, as well as in the channel line-ups of some live streaming services. It is not legally free, and in order to get access to it, you would normally have to pay more. 

How do I watch NHL games without cable? 
You can stream NHL games for free on NBC if you don't have cable or satellite coverage, which would only require a digital antenna to be picked up in most areas. It's not a free antenna, but it's a one-time buy that will cover a few periods.

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