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Things you Want to Know About Dish Network

Dish Network Features

  • Dish Hopper© 3 HD DVR

    Dish's Hopper DVR allows you to pause, rewind, fast-forward, and more with ease. You can even utilize the Hopper with voice controls including integration with Amazon Alexa and Echo. The Hopper 3 allows for recording up to 16 shows at the same time and has 2TB of storage.

  • Dish Anywhere

    Access some your favorite movies and shows at anytime with On Demand programming also available on the Dish Network app.

  • Hopper Go

    The Hopper Go by Dish Network is a portable hard drive that allows you to take your recordings on the go without the need for an internet connection. It allows you to store 100 hours of programming and will connect to up to 5 devices at a time.

  • Dish Network Facts

    Dish Network is a direct-broadcast satellite television company based out of El Meridian, Colordado, which provides a number of satellite television plans in the United States. Dish Network was founded under the parent company Echostar in 1997 as a consumer brand. It remained under the Echostar umbrella until 2008 when it was spun off as its own independent satellite provider.

Dish Network Facts

  • DISH Network offer as many as 330 base channels and 200 in HD.

  • Dish Network is the first satellite TV service to offer local channels to all 50 states

  • Dish Network offers satellite access

Top Areas Served by Dish Network

City Population
DALLAS 1345047
HOUSTON 2325502
NEW YORK 3990456
PHOENIX 1626078
SAN JOSE 1030119


How much is Dish Network Satellite TV per month?

Depending on your plan, Dish Network offers tv plans that range from $49.99/mo to $79.99/mo.

Does Dish Network support 4k content?

DISH Network supports a wide variety of high definition resolutions from 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, and 4K Ultra HD. Ultra High Definition 4k Video content is available on select packages and channels when using the Hopper 3 DVR or with a compatible Netflix account. The resolution of individual channels is determined by broadcaster, not DISH. Video on Demand and Pay Per View are both offered in high definition video qualities.

What hardware do I need with Dish Network?

Dish Network offers free professional installation of the DISH network antenna and complimentary set up of up to 6 receivers. A technician will come up out and run all the necessary wires from the dish antenna to your home. They will also make sure all the remotes are programmed to their receiver and are working properly.

Why choose Dish Network over the competition?

Dish is more cost effective when compared to their top competitors, while offering more channel options and free HBO for 12 months. They have consistently been ranked highly for their call center satisfaction, website satisfaction, easiest bill to understand, and receive the fewest complaints from customers.

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