Everything You Need to Know About Cox Elite Gamer

Everything You Need to Know About Cox Elite Gamer

Gaming is a serious endeavor. Many seniors are unaware of how competitive internet gaming has become in the previous ten years. eSports has amassed a sizable fanbase throughout the world, putting it in the same category as traditional sports. Indeed, large tournaments such as the Dota2 TI regularly have multi-million dollar prize pools for the winning team among the finest players from across the world. Professional gamers enjoy the same level of popularity, fan base, and, of course, sponsorship arrangements as any other major sport.

Professional eSports continues to draw more and more individuals due to the numerous opportunities to monetize gaming skills, such as Twitch streaming, endorsements, and guest appearances at events. The fact that eSports often level the playing field is one of the reasons behind this. You're on the same level as everyone else playing if you can click buttons, view the screen well, and have a solid internet connection like Cox internet. But, since we're on the topic of Cox and gaming, what if you didn't have to stop there? Continue reading to learn more.


The Complete Low-Down on Cox Elite Gamer

For quite some time, the provider has been putting gamer-focused improvements to its internet experience to the test. Elite Gamer first appeared in certain areas in 2019, while the provider continued to test and fine-tune the improvement for optimal outcomes. Subject to Cox availability, almost every market will be able to benefit from one of the best provider-supported gaming experiences available by June 2020. But what is Gamer Elite exactly, and why should you choose it? Here are a few factors to assist you in making your decision:


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Low and Consistent Latency is Required for Online Games

If you're a passionate online gamer, you know how important a solid connection is. Even a few isolated instances of latency fluctuation can make the difference between a win and a defeat. Nobody wants to lag out just as a critical play is about to begin. Every player, unfortunately, has experienced more than their fair share of latency issues. Latency, or ping as it's known among gamers, is critical to a seamless gaming experience. Your smartphone is continually posting and downloading information in multiplayer online games. The speed with which your device sends and receives data to and from the game's host server impacts how smoothly your game runs. Ping levels above a certain threshold are undesirable and usually indicate a frustrating encounter.


Everything You Need to Know About Cox Elite Gamer


A Quick Overview of Cox Communications

The service provider is an important part of the bigger Cox Enterprises umbrella. The supplier has always been a family-owned business, having been founded by the late Governor James Cox in the late 1890s. It is still the country's largest privately-held cable TV and high-speed internet service provider. The company, which has a strong presence in 18 states, has continued to grow its customer base by offering personalized bundles and a variety of internet and TV alternatives. The Elite Gamer service is the provider's latest offering, as it continues to grow its user base. One that caters to a particular specific demographic: gamers.


How Elite Gamer Improves Your Gaming Experience

Elite Gamer is the most recent addition to Cox's suite of value-added services. Elite Gamer services are without a doubt the top game-specific add-ons in the United States. This service is gaining popularity among gamers since it addresses a major issue that they face: bad or unreliable ping. Simply put, the add-on reduces latency by optimizing the data path between your device and your computer. Elite Gamer sends game data through quicker internet routes than the regular internet connection, allowing it to reach the server (and vice versa) much faster. The add-on automatically determines the best traffic paths and reduces lag during gaming by stabilizing ping and lowering ping.


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Why is Cox looking to improve gaming experiences?

In every market it serves, the company has consistently been one of the best options. Services like Cox Gigablast, for example, provide some of the best service levels in the locations where they are available. However, the provider will not overlook a large group that exists in practically all of its markets. The gamer demographic is a key market for any provider, with video gaming becoming a big business in its own right and gaming sales increasing in volume each year. Cox is attempting to create gaming experiences that will make it the provider of choice for pro, semi-pro, and casual gamers equally.

Who is eligible for Elite Gamer?

Existing customers of the supplier are eligible for the service at no additional cost. Those who have both subscribed to the provider's internet service and chosen the provider's excellent Panoramic Wi-Fi gateway. The gateway provides a continuous internet connection and outperforms several other residential Wi-Fi systems in terms of signal strength.

However, each internet and Panoramic Wi-Fi user is only eligible for one complimentary Elite Gamer bundle. Of course, after the first, other connections can be made. The provider does, however, now limit the number of additional Elite Gamer services to three. Existing internet subscribers and those without Panoramic Wi-Fi can still sign up for the gaming-only service for a monthly fee, which includes the opportunity to add three more Elite Gamer connections.


Cox Elite Gamer



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