Tips To Improve Your Online Gaming Experience?

Tips To Improve Your Online Gaming Experience?
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If you're a committed gamer, you know how annoying it can be when you're trying to beat a high score or unlock a new level and your Wi-Fi suddenly starts to lag, causing you to lose all you've worked so hard for.

The amount of lag you experience while gaming is determined by the latency of your internet connection, which is the time it takes for data to transit from your network to your server. You should expect a longer lag time if your latency is high.

Though your game server has delays, it will not register your motions in time, even if you are pushing the correct buttons on your controller at the correct times. Live online gaming is virtually impossible without an internet connection capable of registering a player's movements in real-time. Although there isn't always a solution to lag concerns, here are seven of the greatest strategies to reduce latency.


Use The Internet on Your Other Devices in Moderation


Because you want as much bandwidth as possible to go to your gaming devices, turn off Wi-Fi on your other devices while you're gaming. This will provide you with some additional bandwidth for your gaming devices, which may be exactly what you need to keep your server from lagging.


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Think About the Type of Connection You Have


Lag is a problem for some internet technologies more than others. Fiber optic cables, for example, are widely regarded as the greatest internet connection for online gaming. Look into your other options for connection types in your area if you have various providers in your area and are constantly suffering lags and buffering when gaming.

Fiber optic internet is the greatest option for online gaming, while cable internet is a close second. DSL and fixed wireless are better than satellite internet, but even with DSL or fixed wireless, you may have lagged. Learn more: DSL, Fiber, or Cable? How to find out what kind of internet


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Make Improvements to your Equipment


Even if you have a fast enough internet plan and a stable internet connection type, you will still face delays if you do not have good equipment. Make sure you get a modem and router that are known for their online gaming capabilities.



Tips To Improve Your Online Gaming Experience?


Get a Little Closer to your Router


If you have all of the necessary equipment for online gaming but are still experiencing lag, try relocating closer to your router (or bringing the router closer to you). Wi-Fi range isn't always ideal, especially if you live in a larger home with a lot of furniture and brick walls. As a result, being closer to your router or purchasing a Wi-Fi extension may be beneficial.


Get the Necessary Internet Speeds and Bandwidth


For the finest online gaming experience, you'll need at least 10 Mbps. Even if you pay for faster internet, your bandwidth on each device will be reduced if you have many devices connected to the Wi-Fi.

If you have a 100 Mbps plan and 10 devices connected at the same time like computers, cellphones, smart TVs, smart security, and so on, each device will only receive about 10 Mbps of bandwidth.

As a result, make sure you have a sufficient internet plan for the number of devices connected to the Wi-Fi at any one time. You might be able to get by with 4-8 Mbps, but for online gaming, 25 Mbps is the sweet spot.


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Use an Ethernet Cable


Although a wireless connection is more convenient, using an Ethernet cable to connect your device to the internet is a wonderful way to have a more dependable internet connection. Many live gamers prefer to connect via an Ethernet cable since it reduces lag and buffering during important game moments.


Reduce the Amount of Time You Spend In-Game


Lowering the visual settings in the game you're playing is a last-ditch effort to boost your Wi-Fi connection while gaming. You can implement this in a variety of ways, but your game will most likely seem grainier and pixelated as a result. Lowering your resolution, turning off Anti-Aliasing (AA), and lowering your shadow quality are some of the settings you may use to aid optimize your connection when gaming.



Get the Best Gaming Experience 


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