14 Free DNS Servers to check out

14 Free DNS Servers to check out
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A DNS, or Domain Name Server, is a central part of the internet that converts human-readable URLs into computer-readable IP addresses. This is what connects your gadgets to the internet and allows you to view the material you desire.

It's common for people to alter their DNS to improve performance, security, or both! While there are many paid options, we prefer freebies. We'll go over what to think about while switching your DNS, as well as the 14 best free DNS servers to use.

Best free DNS servers of 2021

UncensoredDNS (

UncensoredDNS is based in Denmark and is entirely run and funded by its founder, Thomas Steen Rasmussen. It's a terrific option for folks who live near FreeDNS, with security features, performance boosts, and dependability.


CleanBrowsing is accessible in both free and paid editions. The free DNS server prioritizes privacy, particularly for families with children. It has three free filters and blocks the majority of pornographic content.

Yandex DNS(

This Russia-based option has a whole list of features:

Performance – Gets you faster access to the web
Protection – Blocks malware and bots
Content filtering – Prohibits access to adult content

OpenDNS (

OpenDNS, which is owned by Cisco, offers two free options: Family Shield and Home. Parents who want to ensure that their children do not have access to improper content can use Family Shield. Home is concerned with internet security and performance.

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Cloudflare (

Cloudflare's free DNS service, dubbed the "fastest DNS resolver on Earth," includes the following features:

Unmetered Mitigation of DDoS
Global CDN
Shared SSL certificate
Three-page rules
Unlimited bandwidth with Warp ( with Warp is a Cloudflare subproduct for mobile devices. The app “replaces the connection between your phone and the internet with a contemporary, efficient protocol” when you download it to your smartphone or tablet. They also promise to never sell your information, which is always a plus.

Google Public DNS (

Google's own DNS service is also available for free. It focuses on “results speed, security, and validity.” There is no site-blocking with Public DNS; it merely provides DNS resolution and caching.

Comodo Secure DNS (

The cloud-based Secure Internet Gateway Gold bundle from Comodo Secure DNS is completely free (up to 300,000 monthly DNS requests). This accomplishes the following:

Advanced threat protection, phishing, malware, and C&C callbacks
80+ content categories are filtered on the web.
On-network and off-network web access policy protection
All linked devices are visible in real-time.

Quad9 (

Quad9 places a premium on security, privacy, and performance, and was formed with the objective of making the internet a safer place for everyone. It protects your privacy by blocking dangerous URLs, phishing, and malware. Quad9 is always growing into new areas. On the DNS Performance Analytics and Comparison ratings, it is now ranked No. 8.

Verisign Public DNS(

Verisign claims its improved stability and security features, as well as the fact that it does not sell or target ads to third-party organizations. After an asset sale on October 9, Verisign became Neustar UltraDNS Public in the fourth quarter of 2020.

OpenNIC (

OpenNIC is, at its foundation, an attempt to combat censorship. This free DNS server, which is managed entirely by volunteers, makes the entire internet available to anyone. They help prevent "DNS hijacking," in which an ISP takes control of frequently mistyped URLs.

UltraRecursive DNS (

UltraRecursive DNS from Neustar is another well-rounded solution. It improves performance by providing speedy query resolution and dependable infrastructure. Malware, harmful websites, phishing, spyware, and bots are also blocked (plus DDoS protection). It will also filter out any stuff that is deemed unsuitable or obscene.

Alternate DNS (

Are you tired of seeing so many advertisements on the internet? Alternate DNS is your best option. They keep track of recognized ad-serving domains and respond with a null response to prevent advertising from connecting to your network.

AdGuard DNS (

AdGuard DNS works on ad blocking as well. If you want to extend parental controls to younger web users, it also prohibits counters, harmful websites, and adult content.

What you want to get out of altering your DNS and where you live will determine which free DNS server is ideal for you. Check out this tool to compare each DNS provider for your location if you're tech-savvy.

What to Think About When Changing Your DNS

Free DNS vs. paid DNS 

Aside from the apparent cost difference between a free and commercial DNS, free DNS services usually have fewer features. A premium DNS will provide enhanced security and performance, as well as improved customer service and customization possibilities. In general, a free DNS will suffice for most uses.

Public DNS vs. private DNS 

The general public can use a public DNS, which is normally provided by your internet service provider or a specialized DNS provider. Companies generally use a private DNS to make internal-only websites/IP addresses more accessible to employees. At home, you're usually on a public DNS, while at work, you're on either a private or public DNS.

Default DNS vs. third-party DNS

Your internet service provider (ISP) provides a default DNS that your network uses to connect to the internet when you have internet access. Customers' data and internet activity can be collected by ISPs. A third-party DNS can perform the same thing, however, it's more difficult to trace the connection back to specific people or families.

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