The Comparison: Comcast Xfinity and Charter Spectrum

The Comparison: Comcast Xfinity and Charter Spectrum
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We've researched Comcast Xfinity and Charter Spectrum so you can evaluate and select the best cable provider for your household. Either of them could be a better match for your internet and TV needs, depending on what want in a new TV and internet service. 

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Xfinity: Best for Internet Plan Options

With plans varying from 25 Mbps to 2,000 Mbps where accessible, Xfinity has the most broadband package choices and the highest internet speeds.

Spectrum: Best for internet without data cap

Spectrum's internet plans provide unrestricted data use. Xfinity data caps differ by plan and venue, or you can pay an extra monthly fee to get unlimited data.

Xfinity: Best for TV channel packages

Spectrum and Xfinity both sell identical TV packages, but Xfinity is more likely to offer greater bundle discounts.

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Quick guide: XFINITY vs SPECTRUM


Available in 39 states
Bundles starting at $64.99/mo.*
Speeds from 25 Mbps to 2,000 Mbps
Channel counts from 10+ to 260+
DVR up to six shows at once
No contract, one-year contract, and two-year contract plans are available



Available in 46 states
Bundles starting at $89.98/mo.*
Speeds from 100 Mbps to 940 Mbps
Channel counts from 125+ to 200+
DVR up to two shows at once with standard DVR, up to six shows with Enhanced DVR
No contract, one-year price guarantee with select bundles
Internet modem included



The two biggest cable providers in the United States, Comcast Xfinity, and Spectrum represent about 69 percent of the country's population. Despite the fact that Spectrum is accessible in more jurisdictions, Xfinity is available to a significantly higher percentage of the population (37.5 percent vs 33 percent ).

Central Indiana, portions of Vermont, parts of Massachusetts, New York City, eastern Tennessee, and Orlando are among the regions in which the two providers overlap. Texas, North Carolina, California, and Florida are among the states where they vary. For example, Xfinity provides internet service in Houston, whereas Spectrum provides service in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and other Texas cities.

Bundle Packages

Cable internet, TV, and home phone packages are available from both Xfinity and Spectrum. Xfinity allows you to mix and match internet speed choices with TV channel plans more easily. For packs, Spectrum, on the other hand, provides faster starting internet speeds.


Xfinity Performance Starter + TV Extra bundle

Starting at $70/mo.*
Internet speeds up to 25 Mbps
Data cap varies by location
125+ channels


Spectrum Double Play Select bundle

Starting at $89.98/mo.*
Internet speeds up to 200 Mbps
No data cap
125+ channels

What you should consider?

Pricing and package choices for both providers differ across the region. For example, in various countries, Comcast Xfinity gives multiple internet speeds, TV packages, and pricing for its bundles. Spectrum also provides a variety of internet speeds, with 100 Mbps beginning in some places and 200 Mbps in others.


SPEED: Xfinity internet also has one of the fastest highest residential download speeds, up to 2,000 Mbps, but Spectrum internet has speeds of up to 940 Mbps.

DATA CAPS: Xfinity data limits vary by plan and region, but they're usually about 1 TB per month. Spectrum's internet plans all provide limitless data.

CONTRACT: While Xfinity does not offer term agreements, signing a one- or two-year agreement can result in better pricing. There are no contract provisions for any of Spectrum's internet plans.

PRICE INCREASE: After a year of operation, expect a price rise from Xfinity and Spectrum internet. The size of the rise varies by package, but Xfinity plans are expected to see the largest price hikes.

High-speed cable internet is available from both Comcast Xfinity and Spectrum. The most important differences between the two providers are in terms of speed and pricing quality. The internet speed of Xfinity varies a lot, and it varies a lot by region. Spectrum internet has fewer speed options but more consistent pricing around the world.


Performance Starter    $20    25 Mbps
Performance    $40    100 Mbps
Blast!    $50    200 Mbps
Extreme    $50    300 Mbps
Extreme Pro    $60    600 Mbps
Gigabit Speed    $70    1,000 Mbps


Spectrum Internet    $49.99    200 Mbps
Internet Ultra    $69.99    400 Mbps
Internet Gig    $109.99    940 Mbps


If you're looking for the lowest internet service, Comcast Xfinity is likely to be your best bet, since their cheapest plan starts at less than half the price of Spectra. However, after the first year of operation, the monthly price for each provider's cheapest plan is almost identical.

Xfinity Performance Starter – starting at $20/mo.* for up to 25 Mbps
Spectrum Internet – starting at $49.99/mo.* for up to 200 Mbps


One more factor you need to consider when choosing a cheap internet service is the additional fee for equipment

Xfinity Wi-Fi service and equipment rental fee: $14/mo.
Spectrum Wi-Fi service and equipment rental fee: $5/mo.

Both Spectrum internet plans come with a free modem, and the Xfinity xFi router is a modem and router in one. Both companies allow you to use your own suitable devices and avoid paying a monthly rental charge, but tech support and service features may be minimal.


Comcast Xfinity now has the fastest broadband speeds in residential markets, with a 2,000 Mbps Gigabit Pro Internet plan. High speeds, on the other hand, are costly, and their distribution is extremely limited. Where available, Xfinity also provides internet plans with speeds up to 1,000 Mbps.

In certain regions, Spectrum provides gigabit internet. In areas where Spectrum's gig internet service is available, speeds of up to 940 Mbps are possible.

Xfinity Gigabit Pro

Speeds up to 2,000 Mbps
Fiber internet connection
No data cap

Spectrum Internet GIG

Speeds up to 940 Mbps
Cable internet
No data cap


Both Spectrum and Comcast Xfinity provide cable television coverage. Spectrum has three main TV packages to choose from, as well as a variety of sporting, premium, and foreign channel add-ons. Depending on your place, Xfinity provides three to five-channel packages, as well as similar add-on packages to Spectrum.

For a low monthly charge, Xfinity also provides a "simple" TV package, which is an economy package with nothing more than local channels. This plan is not available as a stand-alone option in some areas and must be combined with Xfinity internet. Spectrum lacks a comparable “basic” cable bundle.


Plans starting at $20/mo.*
10-260+ channels available
Record up to six shows at once
HD DVR device included starting at $5.99/mo.* for each additional
No contract required for standalone TV

Plans starting at $44.99/mo.*
125-200+ channels available
Record up to two or six shows at once, depending on the device
HD DVR device included starting at $7/mo.* for each additional
No contract required


The number of channels available for Xfinity and Spectrum TV services varies by region. Use our Xfinity and Spectrum channel guides to find and compare channels in each provider's TV packages.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) collects input from actual consumers of major internet and television providers to calculate annual consumer satisfaction. Here's how Comcast Xfinity and Spectrum fared in terms of internet and TV services over the last three years.

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