Why Xfinity Internet is Best for Self Installation for new Home?

Why Xfinity Internet is Best for Self Installation for new Home?
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Nobody enjoys being disconnected for weeks in the middle of a difficult relocation. Finding a decent internet service provider for your new house immediately will not only save you time and money in the long run, but it will also make your move less stressful.

We've narrowed down some of our top selections for internet providers while moving to a new home to assist you.

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Best for Self Installation: Xfinity 

The availability of an ISP for home internet is the most important consideration. There are many smaller ISPs who offer excellent service and have excellent customer reviews, but that doesn't matter if they don't serve your area.

As a result, we've confined our top recommendations to national carriers that serve a major portion of the population in the United States. Before included it in our suggestions, we took into account the internet service's speed and reliability, as well as its associated expenses.

Comcast's Xfinity internet service is one of the country's largest ISPs and the largest cable internet provider. 1 Comcast began as a cable television provider and has since expanded its network to give high-speed internet access to homes across the country. Xfinity, which is based in Philadelphia, has extensive coverage on the East Coast, but it also covers most major cities on the West Coast.

Xfinity's internet plans

Plan details
Xfinity's internet


Up to 2 yrs.

Download speeds
50–1,000 Mbps (1 Gbps)*

Installation fee



Easy self-installation
Availability in most major cities
Fast download speeds


Inconsistent pricing between regions

What makes it different?

Self-installation is Easy

Like most ISPs, Xfinity gives you the option of having your internet installed by a professional technician or installing your own equipment and saving money (assuming your home is already wired for Xfinity). Installing a cable modem isn't difficult, but it does require some technical knowledge. If you're not paying attention, there are even minor variances in equipment models that can trip you up.

Xfinity distinguishes itself from the competition by offering a companion app that will guide you through the installation process. The software can scan codes on your equipment to tailor its instructions to your individual setup, offering you many of the benefits of a professional expert at no extra expense. As a result, Xfinity is by far the easiest internet service to set up.

Consistent service quality

Every Xfinity client gets high-speed cable internet or better, so no matter where you go, you'll get the same level of service. This is ideal for folks who frequently watch Netflix or have a large number of internet-connected gadgets.

The most significant disadvantage is that, while Xfinity's download speeds are similar throughout the United States, costs may vary by location. When comparing prices, make sure to compare prices in your new location rather than the one you're leaving.

Fast cable internet

Coaxial cables, like those used in cable TV, are employed in Xfinity's network. Despite being constructed of copper, these cables are capable of carrying high-frequency electrical impulses with very minimal losses. In terms of pure download speeds, cable connections are substantially faster than DSL and frequently rival fiber connections. This technology, when combined with Xfinity's extensive network infrastructure, makes Xfinity the quickest alternative available in many areas.

Although cable networks frequently offer speeds that are comparable to fiber, there are some key differences. Cable networks are optimized for download rates, with uploads occurring at a significantly slower rate because cable TV can only be broadcast in one direction. During high-traffic periods, cable networks may also encounter slowdowns. That implies that if you and your neighbors all want to use the internet at the same time, you won't likely get the same speeds as you do during off-peak hours.


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