The Best ISP that offers Internet Discount for Veterans and Military

The Best ISP that offers Internet Discount for Veterans and Military
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Internet Discount for Veterans and Military: Veterans, active-duty military personnel, and military families frequently have unique needs from the regular internet user. Some people require the ability to move on short notice, while others require fast connections and secure video conferencing, and yet others simply require something that fits within their budget.

Fortunately, whether you're on active duty, married to a military spouse, or retired from the military, there are options to suit your needs.

Internet Discount for Veterans and Military

Many internet service providers (ISPs) give special discounts for military personnel. If you're unsure whether or not an ISP offers military discounts, it's usually worth asking a sales representative. We've already done the legwork for you by compiling a list of the greatest deals available.

Military discounts from Verizon.

On selected plans, Verizon also gives discounts to qualifying military members and veterans. On gigabit connections, these discounts start at $5 per month and increase up to $15 per month. † Even if you're a current Verizon subscriber, you may be eligible for these discounts if your plan qualifies. If your current plan does not qualify for a military discount, you can still get it by moving to one that does.

Verizon internet discount for veterans

Military and veteran plans from AT&T

AT&T provides military and veteran families affordable phone plans. Although these are not standard home internet plans, they do include additional hotspot data that you may use to connect your other devices to the internet in addition to your regular data plan. The disadvantage is that this additional hotspot data is limited to roughly 30 GB per month, thus these plans are appropriate for people who don't use the internet much at home.

All you need is email address to be eligible for these programs as an active service member. Veterans with a Veteran ID Card are also eligible (VIC).

AT&T internet discount for veterans

Military discounts from Xfinity

Members of the military who join up for their services are eligible for special discounts from Xfinity. Unlike some other programs, these aren't monthly bill discounts; instead, you'll get one-time coupons and gift cards as a thanking you for joining up.

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One of the wonderful things about this program is that you can apply for these benefits even if you're already an Xfinity customer by utilizing your email address or other credentials.

Other Xfinity plans that aren't geared for veterans may be able to assist you. Veterans and their families who qualify for certain types of government assistance may be eligible for savings from Comcast Internet Essentials.

Xfinity internet discount for veterans


Every day, active military, veterans, national guard members, and their families demonstrate their love for the United States. In exchange, several internet service providers show their appreciation by providing exclusive discounts, deals, benefits, and promotions not available to the general public.

Subscribers must meet eligibility standards, and most programs let you apply online, over the phone, or in person at a local retail location. Internet speeds vary, but most are adequate to ensure that our service members and their families have reliable access to the internet.

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