Suddenlink Coverage Map & Internet Availability

Suddenlink Coverage Map & Internet Availability
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SuddenLink Communications is one of the United States' major providers of Internet services. It includes primarily rural areas, predominantly in West Virginia, Illinois, Louisiana,  Arizona, Indiana, and other states. 

SuddenLink provides its services to an estimated 7 million people and, by coverage area, has positioned itself as the 7th largest cable provider in the United States. In addition, the service provider also provides fiber internet services, which are available in 529 zip codes for businesses.

SuddenLink uses cable technology to deliver its services, which is much faster than older DSL cables. It's not much closer to fiber service, though, providing speeds of up to 1 Gig. The positive news is that, in restricted locations, SuddenLink provides fiber internet.

SuddenLink currently offers:

  • Residential and Business Digital Voice Service

  • Targeted TV and Online Advertising for Business Clients

  • Residential and Business Broadband Internet

  • Residential and Business TV Service


Can I Get SuddenLinkin my Area?


SuddenLink provides state-of-the-art Internet and cable networks throughout the United States. Data collected in 2020 reveals a 48.5 percent favorable rating from 9,650 SuddenLink ratings, which is very satisfactory, compared to the average rating of 48.4 percent in the industry.


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Can I Get SuddenLinkin my Area?

SuddenLink primarily offers its services in rural areas, which include the Southeast, West Coast, West, and Midwest states. A few names of the 16 other states where SuddenLink is available are West Virginia, Louisiana, and Texas. In addition, several metro areas, including Charleston and Amarillo, are also served by SuddenLink. The internet coverage of fiber is largely focused on business clients, and not popular among households.

Some of you can also ask "Can I Get SuddenLink in my Area?" The response to this question is "Yes." At your address, you can get SuddenLink. 


Simply enter your Zip code and verify the availability of your area's SuddenLink services.

Get Suddenlink

If you have a problem subscribing to or searching for SuddenLink Internet access in your region, try calling 1-888-317-7540 for customer service.


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