AT&T, COX and CenturyLink Hidden Taxes, Fees, and Surcharges on Your Bill

AT&T, COX and CenturyLink Hidden Taxes, Fees, and Surcharges on Your Bill
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AT&T, COX and CenturyLink Hidden Taxes, Fees, and Surcharges on Your Bill: Don't be taken by surprise. To understand the true cost of your internet bill, check out our supplier guide to avoid ISP hidden fees.

You need to be vigilant when you sign up for a new internet plan; hidden fees can bring hundreds of dollars to your payment. We have explained precisely what these costs are for each service, from modem and router rental charges to early internet termination fees.


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AT&T Equipment rental fee - at&t internet plans need you to rent their equipment for $10/mo.

Data Cap and over-usage fees - 1TB is mostly the data allowance of most At&t plans. Particular plans such as the ATT Internet 1000 and bundles come with an unlimited data cap. There's an option to pay $30/mo additionally for unlimited or 50GB for $10.


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Late payment interest and reactivation - A late payment fee for At&T can go up to $9.25 per transaction based on their AT&T Terms of Service. If you paid by check and it bounced, there's a charge of up to $30. If your service got disconnected because of late payment there will be an additional fee of no more than $35 to restore the service.

Cancellation fees - This one is prorated and specific to your plan, most AT&T Internet plan details, you'll see a prorated early cancellation fee of $180.

Installation fee/ Set up Fee - For a new connection that requires a professional install, it may go up to $149. If you choose to do a self-installation there will be a $49 activation fee.


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Century link

Century link Equipment rental fee - There's an option to lease a modem from CenturyLink for $15/month or buy it for up to $150. Also, you have an option to buy your own CenturyLink compatible router and modem.

Data Cap and Usage fees - Every CenturyLink internet plan has a data cap of 1TB per month. But, at the moment they do not charge for using more than your data allowance. Instead, if you always go beyond your limit it might cause a restriction or suspension of service.

Late payment fee - A combination of a flat fee of up to $15/month plus a percentage of the unpaid bill (usually up to 5%).

Cancellation fee - There's no early termination fee for CenturyLink since they offer month-to-month no-contract plans but if you have a high-speed internet service bundle, you can be charged an early termination fee related to other services.

Installation fees - A professional install fee can go up to $125, however, a self-installation is cheaper with only paying up to $50 for shipping and handling fee.

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Cox Equipment rental fee - If you are going to rent a Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi modem it will cost you $10.99/ month. However, you can also purchase your own modem, you just have to make sure it is compatible with Cox.

Data Cap and Usage fees - Every Cox Internet plan comes with a 1TB data cap. It will cost you a $10 fee for every 50GB of going over your limit. But you also have the option to upgrade to unlimited for an additional monthly fee or add 500GB extra whenever you need it.

Late payment fee - A charge of $25 for not paying your bill on time. And, the fee for returned payment may go up to $25.

Early termination fee - Early termination fee is prorated according to the terms of your agreement but it can go up to $120.

Installation fee - a professional install with Cox can cost up to $75 or you can do choose self-installation for a $20 activation fee.

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