Recommended Internet Speed For Netflix ( and chill )

Recommended Internet Speed For Netflix ( and chill )

The best internet speed for Netflix depends on where you live and how many people and devices use the internet in your home at the same time. Check the availability of your internet to see if you can get the speed you want and, if so, how fast.

If you are obsessed with uploading content to the Internet and still want to stream Netflix, you will be disappointed if you have to choose between high download speeds and low upload speeds for Netflix streaming. 

Tip:  Go for a fiber internet plan (1,000 Mbps) -  you won’t be disappointed.


If you play a lot online or often upload large files (such as vloggers or graphic designers), you will probably want a higher download and upload speed. This works best for those who upload content from your phone, tablet, computer, or other portable devices such as tablets or laptops.

If you check emails and post on social media at the same time, Netflix recommends streaming series and movies in standard definition (SD). Generally, we would not recommend streaming Netflix over satellite Internet, but you can use it if your home Internet is running at 3 Mbps. 

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The official Netflix speed recommendations do not add up to a real sum because they do not take into account the fact that you are performing more than one activity simultaneously on the Internet.
Satellite Internet plans cost between $30 and $200 per month, but let's just say you don't get much money for your dollar.

Best Internet Speeds for Streaming Netflix
5 Mbps - Minimum speed for 1 SD stream
25 Mbps - Good speed for 1 SD stream + basic browsing
100 Mbps - Good speed for multiple SD/HD streams + basic browsing
300–500 Mbps - Good speeds for multiple HD/UHD/4K streams + basic browsing
1,000 Mbps (1 Gbps) - Excellent speed for multiple UHD/4K streams and uploading large files + basic browsing

You won't have as many on-demand shows and movies, but you'll also have to mention that streaming Netflix is a data-hog. If you reach your satellite provider's data limit for the month, the satellite provider will slow down your speed even further. For people with satellite Internet, I recommend a low-cost satellite TV package instead. Nor will you pay an arm and a leg to watch Netflix, and you won't have access to as much data as with a traditional cable package.

Best Satellite TV Packages
DISH America’s Top 200 ($79.99/mo.)  - you get a better deal for the price you pay
DIRECTV CHOICE™ w/ NFL SUNDAY TICKET ($49.99/mo.*) - Best for Live Sports

If you want a better Netflix experience, you'll get access to a much faster, more powerful version of the service at higher speeds. Internet, so that you can surf the Internet at the same time and largely avoid buffers. recommended internet plan with download speeds of at least 25 Mbps to meet basic Netflix needs. But check internet availability in your area to see what speeds you can get.


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