How Much Does A Netflix Plan Cost This 2023?

How Much Does A Netflix Plan Cost This 2023?
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What is Netflix?

Most of all didn't know that Netflix started in 1997 or never notice. It is the pioneer of "renting DVDs by mail" concept. Renting a DVD for a monthly or flat fee instead of paying by each DVD you ordered. As time goes by and technology evolved, DVD rental died out. By 2007, Netflix has announced that they are going to add a subscription-based platform where the subscriber has the ability to watch and stream TV shows and movies directly to their PC. 

Netflix plan

In 2008, Netflix partnered with LG to introduce the Blu-ray Disc, it also has the capability to connect to the internet for watching Netflix movies and TV shows.  The Blu-ray Disc was born,  a  playback and internet streaming in one device. Subscribers will be able to use Blu-ray and DVD into streaming.

Today, Netflix can be stream on many different platforms such as Apple devices, Xbox, Smart TVs, and smartphones.

Netflix can be stream through internet-capable devices, as mentioned above. This includes Game consoles, Blu-ray disc players, Smart TVs, Smartphones, media streaming devices, and tablets. 

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Netflix Subscription Plan As of 2020

Netflix is not free. But there is a free 30-day trial if you want to give it a try. It is a subscription based that requires a monthly fee as follows:

The Basic Netflix plan costs $8.99 per month. It offers 1080p resolution, but only available for viewing limited to 1 device. Standard costs $12.99 a month limited to 2 devices and comes up to 1080p resolution.  The premium plan, on the other hand, can be viewed up to 4 streaming capable devices, it cost $15.99 per month and up to 4K UHD resolution.

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Netflix allows you to navigate through hundreds of content once you subscribed to its services.  You can also download and watch Netflix content on your smartphones so you can enjoy entertainment on the road. 

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