How to Stream Netflix To Your Mac For Free?

How to Stream Netflix To Your Mac For Free?
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It is easy to download a movie and TV shows on Netflix. You can watch and stream Netflix when your internet connection died to your Mac. If you are a traveler or if you are simply in a place where no internet available this will benefit you.

Stream Netflix TV Shows and Movies to your Mac

Technically, Netflix doesn't support downloading and offline watching using your Mac. There is no Netflix app for Mac. However, you can access Netflix on your browser but you can't download any content. Fortunately, there are legal ways to do it.

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Legal Ways For Viewing Downloaded Netflix Content

Did you know that you can run Windows on your Mac? Yes, you read it right. Using Boot Camp Assistant you can run Windows in a fully native environment. It is included on your Mac that you can add a new partition to your Mac's startup drive. It also comes with necessary drivers so you can Apple hardware likes Video, trackpad, mouse, built-in camera, networking, and audio.

After installing and running Windows on your Mac using Boot Camp Assistant, you can now download Netflix App for Windows which is available at Microsoft Store. After all these processes above, you can now finally download content from Netflix and watch anywhere whenever you are offline.

Another alternative is using iPad AirPlay. AirPlay allows any wireless streaming of videos, sound, and any other multimedia between Apple products. It's like Chromecast to a larger Smart TV but between Apple devices. By doing this, you are able to stream any downloaded content on smaller Apple Devices to larger screens like Mac. Using AirPlay, you can also share and stream content to any AirPlay-compatible Smart TV.

How to Stream Netflix TV Shows and Movies to Mac

  1. Connect your Mac and Apple device (your streaming source) the same as the Wi-Fi network.

  2. On your streaming source, open the Netflix app and choose the movie or TV choice you want to stream.

  3. In the video playback control, tap on-screen mirroring icon.

  4. Choose your Mac on the available list shows on your device.

That's how you can stream and watch Netflix on your Mac. You can enjoy watching with your friends and families legally and without restriction.

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