A Guide to a 4K Streaming box: Xfinity Flex

A Guide to a 4K Streaming box: Xfinity Flex
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Xfinity packages and deals have a lot to offer. An entertainment solution to fit your every need. But, did you know that you can stream thousands of free movies and shows using your current Xfinity Internet? 

Introducing the Xfinity Flex

Xfinity Flex is an effective streaming device that offers an easy way to access your favorite movie and shows. You will be able to stream 10,000 free shows and movies, access to premium subscriptions such as Prime Video, Netflix, HBO, and even Youtube videos

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xfintiy flex.

The Xfinity package for Flex is a nice deal. If you rent Comcast xFi Wireless gateway modem it is initially available for you. If you are a current Xfinity internet service customer you can get it at no cost. You can also rent boxes if you have multiple rooms so your kids will be able to watch in their own room.

Even though it is a small device, it is capable to stream smoothly, it can support 4k, Dolby Atmos surround sound, and UHD video quality. Also, it has voice-activated functionality. 

You can connect to your HBO, Showtime, Netflix Amazon Prime, and other cable channels. It has a prebuilt system that you can watch live TV and movies that you can enjoy for free.

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Xfinity Flex price and features

Video: 1080p, 4K HDR 
Size: 5.25″ x 5.25″ x 1″ 
Price: Free with Xfinity internet-only subscription; $5 a month for additional Flex boxes
Audio: Dolby Atmos; 5.1 surround sound; 2.0 stereo

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