Here's How You Can Fix a Hulu Playback Failure

Here's How You Can Fix a Hulu Playback Failure

The error messages are not all that helpful when Hulu stops running. One of the most common error messages clearly means that there has been a playback failure. The error messages are usually seen on streaming devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Fire Stick, consoles like Xbox, and Playstation, and smart televisions from Vizio, LG, and others.

But sometimes Hulu will also provide you with an error code that will help you find the source of the problem. If that doesn't happen and all it gives you is a playback failure message then you need to start with the basics such as testing your internet connection then see it from there.

When your device is unable to connect with the Hulu servers, it will give you playback errors. Or, the Hulu servers are unable to give a video stream.

The common causes of these issues are device, software, or home network, and you can fix it by doing some instructions. Some other times Hulu playback errors are caused by Hulu itself. That means that the Hulu server might have an issue.

If the problem is caused by Hulu itself, there's nothing you can do but to inform them and wait for a resolution.

If you want to rule out issues that you can actually fix yourself, here are the things you can do when on your streaming system you encounter a Hulu playback error:


Check that your internet connection can do streaming.


  • If your internet speed slows down Hulu videos may stutter, buffer, or may not play at all. Slow internet can also cause the audio to be out of sync.

  •  Normal Hulu videos need 3.0 Mbps

  • With Live TV it needs 8.0Mbps

  • If you don't know your current internet speed, you can visit to see it.


Turn off and on your device and internet connection


  • Shutting down your streaming device and network equipment

  • Leave it for about a minute

  • Turn them back on and see if the error persists.


Use a wired connection if possible.


  • Try connecting your device to your router or modem with a LAN cable.

  • If the error goes away, either use a LAN connection to stream or moves your wireless router closer to the device you use to watch Hulu

  • If moving your router isn't practical, try using a mesh network, it will provide wider coverage.


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Disconnect another device from your network


  • Sometimes having a lot of devices connected to your network will clog and make your internet connection slows down. The issue might be a limited bandwidth. Try disconnecting any other devices that you are not using.

  • Securing your network, and check if someone is connecting to your network without your knowledge. They might be the ones using all your bandwidth.

  • If the playback error goes away, you might probably need to buy a multi-band router or a router that allows you to configure and prioritize streaming.


Check the settings of your router.


  • There are routers that will allow you to prioritize certain traffic or equipment, set it to priority the device you are trying to watch Hulu on.

  • Changing the domain name server on your router.


After trying all the troubleshooting above and you are still getting the same error message. Then try deleting or resetting the Hulu app on your device. In some cases or devices, you can also turn off and on your equipment and test its internet connection.

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