Everyone Works From Home at the same time? Here's What you can do to your slow internet!

Everyone Works From Home at the same time? Here's What you can do to your slow internet!
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Since COVID-19 came into our lives, a lot has changed. State or local government directives forcing us to restrict our activities in an effort to slow the spread of the virus have canceled events slowed economies and resulted in our pajamas being weeks or months old. Many of us who are used to commuting is now working from home. Add to that all the children who try to complete the school year through virtual classrooms, and that translates to a lot more internet usage in a typical home than normal. 

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Each user can experience choppy connections and increased loading times as devices compete for bandwidth while multiple household members are trying to work from home at the same time, downloading files and attending online meetings. Even those with the lightning-fast internet would now wonder why your internet so slow.

If everyone is working from home, what happens to internet speed? 

When several people in a household, or even several people in the area, all attempt to use the internet connection at the same time, Internet slowdowns happen. 

In your wireless frequency or via your Internet connection itself, there may be an internet bottleneck. Wireless frequencies are the routes by which information passes between different household items, such as cordless phones, microwaves, and, yes, your wireless router. 

If the problem is with your relation, to a certain degree, the issue can lie beyond your control. When you have cable internet, you share the available bandwidth with a cable that runs down your street and is shared with internet connections by others.

What would you do with slow internet access? 

If you're wondering how to cope with the sluggish Internet, there are some things you can do: 

1. Fix your frequency:  Choose between 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequencies, your router might have a selection switch on it. Routers are always set to 2.4 GHz by default, so signals will move farther to reach all corners of your building. However, since the default frequency for household objects is so frequent, it is often more crowded. Using the 5 GHz setting is one solution for improving WiFi performance. You will have to place your wireless system on this frequency closer to the router, but in return, you should get more speed.

2. Remove any signal interference: When certain materials between your computer and your router disrupt the signals passing between them, your internet speed can suffer. Your signal quality can be influenced by things like reinforced walls or major appliances. To get optimal coverage, clear up a more direct path between your router and your computer. 

3. Check for viruses: Usually, if the machine is processing slowly, individuals suspect a virus. But a virus will slow the internet speeds down as well. That's because when you try to watch your favorite Netflix movie, a virus sometimes tries to duplicate itself by sending copies via email, taking up bandwidth in the background. To keep these pesky guys at bay, run some antivirus software on your computer.

4. Upgrade your internet provider: Decide whether you need a new internet plan if none of the above is the issue and you still have problems with your internet speed. You may not be buying enough bandwidth to support the household load, particularly in these times of greatest need. After you use a certain amount of data per month, several internet providers can slow your speeds down. Check with your provider and see whether, for a few months at a time, you can add more data, or whether you need to update your contract and agree to terms to buy more data.  Check here to see what are the best internet provider in your area.


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Everyone Works From Home at the same time? Here's What you can do to your slow internet!

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