Cox Internet Review : Plans, Pricing and more

Cox Internet Review : Plans, Pricing and more
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If you are looking for an affordable internet plan and you don't really need high-speed internet, Cox Internet is a great option. Not many providers offer a 10Mbps speed plan but Cox does and comes with a low price to match.

Cox has higher download speeds: 500 Mbps and 940 Mbps, respectively. However, you'll pay even more for the same speed than you would with other internet service providers (ISPs).



Is the cost of Cox internet worth it?

Let's look into the specifics and see what we can do.


Budget-friendly low-end plans
Wide range of internet speeds to choose from
No contract on 50 Mbps plan and up


High-priced 500 and 940 Mbps plans
Not-so-great customer service






Cox's low-speed plans are reasonably priced, but faster plans are more expensive.

Internet packages with Cox start at about $30 per month. That's a decent starting price, but it only offers 10 Mbps download speeds.

We understand. Cox is an excellent choice for someone who can live with a 10 Mbps connection. The speed is likely adequate for any single internet user who sends emails, browses social media, and sometimes streams in SD.

For the rest of us, though, 10 Mbps isn't enough. We need to work from home and spend our free time watching 4K Netflix and playing intense Call of Duty games.

Cox's internet plans have enough bandwidth to accommodate a family or household that downloads, plays sports, and works from home, but they're on the expensive side.

The good news is that Cox's 50 Mbps (and higher) packages all come with no contracts and three-year special offers. Aha, we've figured out the trick to Cox's pricing.


Cox Internet Plan Max. Internet speed Monthly data allowance Best for Monthly price
Go Fast 100/5 Mbps 1.25 TB
(1280 GB)
Connecting up to 5 devices $49.99/mo.*
Go Faster 250/5 Mbps 1.25 TB
(1280 GB)
Connecting up to 7 devices $69.99/mo. *
Go Even Faster 500/10 Mbps 1.25 TB
(1280 GB)
Connecting up to 9 devices $89.99/mo. *
Go Super Fast 1000/35 Mbps 1.25 TB
(1280 GB)
Connecting 9+ devices $109.99/mo.**

*Everyday low price. No term agreement.

**for 24 months.


We can also point out that we've found 940 Mbps internet plans for the same price as Cox's 500 Mbps plan. The Cox Gigablast service, on the other hand, isn't the most costly 940 Mbps plan on the market.


Cox Internet Prices Comparison

We're scratching our heads over here, trying to come up with a Cox internet plan that starts out cheaper than some of the other ISPs in the city. We've arrived empty-handed.

However, as previously mentioned, Cox's 50, 150, 500, and 940 Mbps plans are priced the same for three years and do not include a contract. This alters the game.

cox internet comparison


Xfinity serves a large portion of the same coverage area as Cox, and its plans also provide comparable speeds at a lower special offer. Take, for example, the Performance Pro Plus package, which costs $49.99 a month in the western United States and offers 200 Mbps download speeds. That's $10 less per month than Cox's 150 Mbps contract.

The kicker is that Cox's 150 Mbps plan remains $59.99 a month for three years, while Xfinity's plan increases to $70 per month after only one year. So, the Cox Internet Preferred 150 plan would cost about $2,160 for three years, while the Xfinity Performance Pro Plus plan would cost around $2,280. So, there you have it.

If you can get top-end download speeds (100 Mbps), CenturyLink's plans are less expensive than Cox's—and they come with a Price for Life. There are no three-year promotional prices available here. Although CenturyLink's DSL internet plans didn't perform as well as Cox in our speed tests, its fiber internet plan is likely to perform admirably.

Mediacom, another Cox rival, has rates that are comparable to Cox's. The only drawback is Mediacom's data limits, which range from 400 GB to 6 TB depending on the package you choose. With Cox, you get 1.25 TB of data every time.


Internet Speed

As contrasted to other cable internet providers in the United States, Cox's speeds remained consistent.

Cox internet speeds are suitable for a wide variety of online activities. From data speeds for your parents who want to keep track of the weather to professional esports for your daughter, Cox's speeds have you covered.

Is it fast?

Cox internet speeds may be lacking, according to our new study on the fastest ISPs in the United States. It came in 16th place out of 38 different internet providers we looked at. This is significantly lower than other cable ISPs such as Xfinity, Frontier, and Spectrum.

Xfinity: 7th out of 38
Spectrum: 14th out of 38
Cox: 16th out of 38
CenturyLink: 28th out of 38

By the way, our weighted ranking isn't a true calculation of download speeds in megabits per second. However, when Cox internet users took speed tests between January 1 and December 31, 2019, it was a combination of average download rates, upload speeds, and latency.

The slow Internet Starter 10 and Internet Essential 50 plans from Cox could have lowered the company's ratings. Even so, you're not going to get the speeds you pay for with Cox. As a result, the quicker plans are unlikely to be worth the higher-than-average price you'll pay.



Cox's data limit policy was recently revised, and each customer now receives 1.25 TB of data per billing period. That's an increase from just one terabyte of data. Free bonus data is hard to disagree with.

It's unlikely that you'll go over your Cox data cap. One terabyte of data is roughly equivalent to 400 hours of HD video streaming. To put things in context, it will take you about 76 hours to watch all nine seasons of The Office (because you can).

Cox's 1.25 TB of data is more than likely enough to keep you going unless you're preparing for a streaming marathon.

However, we all understand that there are occasions when you aren't putting the bench to work and the data limit becomes a concern. Perhaps you work from home and need the information to submit an important report to your supervisor before a deadline.

You do, however, have choices. With the Cox Connect app, you can keep track of your use. Cox also offers an extra 50 GB of data for $10 on all plans except Connect2Compete. (However, if you don't use it, your data will not roll over.)



The 10 Mbps plan from Cox starts with a contract, but the majority of the company's plans aren't.

The only plan with a one-year deal is Cox's Internet Starter 10. The fact that none of its other internet plans need a contract is a big plus.

We don't like something that binds us to service for years and then charges us a hefty fee if we wish to move to another location—or another ISP. And we have our doubts that you do as well.



Cox charges $10.99 a month to rent its Panoramic Wi-Fi Gateway modem, but you might be able to find discounts that allow you to rent it for free for a limited time.

Panoramic Wi-Fi Gateway modem/router rental fee: $10.99/month
Elite Gamer software: $6.99/month for the first connection, $4.99/month extra for additional connections

Since the gateway also functions as a router, you can skip the additional cost if you choose.

However, if you want to avoid paying the modem rental fee, check the list of Cox approved modems before you purchase. If you're looking for a recommendation, we suggest the ARRIS Surfboard SB8200. * Every Cox contract, including the ultra-fast Gigabit kit, is compatible with the ARRIS Surfboard.



Cox recently launched its Elite Gamer service, which is basically software that you install to your system to determine the fastest path for your data to travel between your computer and game servers.

It's been dubbed Waze for gamers, which makes sense. According to a Cox representative, it can reduce game lag by avoiding unnecessary points along the data's journey.

Minimum to no lag is what every gamer dream of. However, we are not sure if  Elite Gamer is worth it. You can configure your router's Quality of Service and prioritize your computer for gaming.



Professional installation costs $100, with early termination penalties of up to $120. However, you have 30 days to test out your Cox internet without risking a hefty early termination fee. If you want to build your own internet, your Cox Easy Connect kit is free.

Professional installation: $100
Easy Connect self-installation kit: Free
Early termination fees: Up to $120

Cox's free self-installation kit is amazing. Some of the ISP's actually charged for shipping and handling but not Cox.


 Best Pick

Best for explorers who spend a lot of time offline: 50 Things You Should Know About the Internet
It's ideally suited for: Looking for a one-to-two-person home internet connection? This package is reasonably priced and provides adequate download speeds.

Why we chose it: The price is hard to beat, and 50 Mbps is plenty of internet speed for someone who watches Netflix, downloads a few files, and uses the internet mostly for low-impact things like email and social media.

The price of Internet Essential 50 is also guaranteed for three years, and there is no need to sign a contract.

Cox Internet Essential 50

50 Mbps - $39.99

For internet-savvy households, the best price is: Preferred Internet 150
It's ideally suited for: This package should be enough for all of your video streaming, surfing, and online gaming if you're searching for residential internet for your family or small business.

Why we chose it: The 150 Mbps download speeds provided by this plan are sufficient for most medium-sized families to go online at the same time. So your child will watch Disney+ in the living room while you relax and watch Rick and Morty.

This plan's price for the internet speed it provides is also fair, so your wallet can appreciate it.

Cox Internet Preferred 150

150 Mbps - $59.99

Best Cox bundle: Gold Duo

Who it's perfect for: Large families who enjoy watching movies, playing games, and flipping through channels. Not to mention all of your smart home, connected protection, and electronic devices.

Why we chose it: The Gold Duo package offers download speeds of 500 Mbps and over 250 channels. For the price, that's a lot of channels and pace. But it's the fact that the Gold Duo includes premium channels like Cinemax, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and EPIX that really stands out to us. (It's also why it's one of our top five cable TV package recommendations.)

Cox Gold Duo

Internet download speed:500 Mbps
TV channel count:250+
$149.99 a month


So, is Cox internet good?

Prices for all except While Cox's Internet Starter 10 plan appears to be expensive for the pace it provides, it is available for three years and does not require a contract. (To be sure, the price of the Internet Starter 10 package is for a year and includes a contract.)

In terms of pace, Cox performs admirably, but not very well. Otherwise, this ISP is similar to the rest: it has the same set of service and equipment costs, and its customer service isn't very good.

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