Corona Virus : Make Money Online While at Home in 2020

Corona Virus : Make Money Online While at Home in 2020

 As the pandemic coronavirus  continues to rise, economies across the globe continue to drop  and most of the global companies are closing and urging employees to stay and work at home,

Tech giants GoogleAmazon and Facebook are among the global companies that announce a move to online jobs for the duration of the outbreak.  Here'show to make money online while staying at home


1. Virtual Assistants

VA jobs are great if you’re busy and need flexibility. These jobs can pay between $35-$50/hour. Take a training course and register on Upwork.


2. Freelance Writing

Freelancing, as a writer, is another excellent remote job that nurtures abilities you can add to a resume. Though more demanding than most stay-at-home ventures, freelancing as a writer can become a well-paying full-time opportunity, paying between $25-$100 for 500-1000 words. Rates increase with experience.

3. Hosting on Airbnb

If you own an unoccupied apartment or room in your house, you can rent it out to tourists through Airbnb and pocket about $924/month. And you’ll meet new people from all around the globe.

Hosting on airbnb

4. Blogging

If you’re experienced in a specific niche, blogging might be for you. One of the most popular online jobs from home is running a blog. Bloggers earn from paid ads, selling products directly, affiliate marketing, among others. Pay can be anything from $0 to $200,000.


5. Proofreader

If you are detail-oriented and have a good command of English, you can get decent money by looking for errors in blog posts, manuscripts, essays, etc. Depending on how many clients you serve, you can comfortably earn $2,000 every month working from home.

6. Pet Sitter

If you love being around animals, you can turn your interest into a money-making activity by working as a dog sitter and get $20-$30 per visit. You can find these remote job opportunities online on sites like DogVacay.


7. Online Teaching

If you are already licensed as a teacher, you can make some cash by conducting video classes from your house. You can pocket $40,000 or more from this gig alone.

remote jobs

8. Paid Surveys

Among the easiest stay at home, jobs are filling out surveys on platforms like Earning Station. Though these surveys will not earn enough to sustain a living, these endeavors are a way to collect extra cash easily.


9. Transcription

If your English is good and your typing abilities above average, you pocket good pay by transcribing audio and video recordings into writing. General transcribers earn about $10-$15 for an hour’s job.


10. Website and App Testing

Businesses pay individuals to try out their site or application and give feedback. Popular places to get these jobs include Enroll, Userfeel, and Analysis. You can earn about $8-$10 per 15 min test.


I hope some of these money-making ideas will inspire you. Stay safe Folks. Stay at Home!!


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