AT&T TV 2023 Review

AT&T TV  2023 Review
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AT&T TV is a streaming version of the satellite television service DIRECTV. It's a cable-like package with a fixed box and also some fees, but you can go for a two-year contract with much the same price increase as traditional DIRECTV's second year or a more lucrative no-contract alternative.

It's ideal for those who don't want to deal with the trouble of setting up a satellite dish and then depending on the same dish to operate in inclement weather.

Here are the most affordable AT&T package, perks, plans and more


Live TV and lots of on-demand content
Don’t have to install a satellite dish


Two-year contract with a second-year price hike
Or more expensive no-contract option

How much it cost?

The first year isn't that bad, but the second year can be costly.

When you match AT&T TV's monthly charge to other live TV subscription services, you'll see that it's a steal for the number of live TV channels and on-demand content you'll receive.

However, your second-year bill seems to be astronomical. AT&T TV recently reduced its packages by $10 for the first year, so this additional $10 can allow you to pay for AT&T TV in the second year of your two-year contract.

Need AT&T Fiber For Business? Check Availability In Your Area?

You can also get the no-contract option for $10–$30 more per month. (we highly recommend this option)

The 2-year contract will not save you anything money, so we recommend going for the no-contract option so you don't feel obligated and can cancel anytime you like.

However, if you just want a well-rounded live TV streaming service at a fair price, we strongly advise you to look into YouTube TV.

How much is AT&T TV?
Price $59.99*  
TV channel  65+  

 Price $64.99†    
 TV channel  90+     

Price $74.99†    
TV channel 120+  

Price $79.99†    
TV channel 130+     

Price $129.99    
TV channel 140+     

Price $64.99†    
TV channel  90+    

View AT&T TV plans

If you're confident you'll want AT&T TV for at least 2 years, you'll save around $80 over the course of the two years. Check out the table below to see how high your monthly bill will rise in the second year of service.

If you want a conventional TV chance to experience getting all of your live channels and on-demand content in one location, this service is for you. As a result, plan ahead of time.

How much is AT&T TV during the second year of my contract?

First-year monthly price $59.99/mo.    
Second-year monthly price $93.00/mo.    

First-year monthly price $64.99/mo.    
Second-year monthly price $110.00/mo.  

First-year monthly price $74.99/mo.    
Second-year monthly price $124.00/mo.    

First-year monthly price $79.99/mo.    
Second-year monthly price $135.00/mo.  

First-year monthly price $129.99/mo.    
Second-year monthly price$183.00/mo.    

You could save at least $10 a month by bundling TV and internet rather than paying two different networks for TV and internet. You'll just have to deal with one bill. Simplicity is the key.

Remember to read our complete AT&T internet analysis. “AT&T's rates for its Up to 100 Mbps and Internet 1,000 plans get you a lot of bang for your buck,” according to an internet expert.

Is there a contract with AT&T TV?

Both yes and no. AT&T TV offers both a no-contract and a two-year contract.

You'll only have to pay $10–$30 more a month than the market price, but if you cancel your service before the 2-year mark, it might be worth it.

If you understand you'll have this service for at least two years, opt for the 2-year contract option to save around $80 overtime. But keep reading as we help you decide if AT&T TV is right for you.

Are there any other charges for AT&T TV?

There are a few fees with AT&T TV, as we described in our introduction. The activation fee isn't bad, and, you can also add $9 to your monthly bill for that wonderful thing we call sports.

Activation fee: $19.95
Regional sports fee: Up to $8.49/mo.
Early termination fee (ETF): $15/mo. for each month remaining on your contract

However, we might even be able to assist you in avoiding those cancellation fees.

Also, since AT&T would require you to make electronic payments, you will not receive a monthly bill. will give you access to all of your account and payment information.

Of course, going paperless is the hip thing to do these days.

Channels included with AT&T TV

News, kids, entertainment, and sports channels are all needed. Anyone searching for a good mix would find it. That's exactly what you'll get with each AT&T TV kit.

Check out each package's complete channel lineup to make sure it's the best fit for you and your family, but we've highlighted the most popular channels below. (Along with a plethora of HD channels.)

To get to the good things, scroll down a little further. You're aware of the games.

AT&T TV ENTERTAINMENT channels include the following:

Animal Planet
BBC America
Cartoon Network
Discovery Channel
Disney Junior
Food Network
Hallmark Channel
National Geographic

AT&T TV CHOICE channels include the following:

CNBC World
Cooking Channel
Game Show Network
Nick Jr.

AT&T TV XTRA channels include the following:

BBC World News
Destination America
Discovery Family Channel
DIY Network
FX Movie
Lifetime Movie Network
MTV Classic
Nat Geo Wild
Universal Kids

AT&T TV ULTIMATE channels include the following:

Starz Encore Action
Starz Encore Black
Starz Encore Classic
Starz Encore Family
Starz Encore Suspense
Starz Encore Westerns

AT&T TV PREMIER channels include the following:

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
HBO Family
HBO Latino
Showtime Extreme
STARZ Kids & Family

Premium Channels:

Many of the premium channels are available on AT&T TV, or you can get the STARZ channels as part of your ULTIMATE package, or STARZ, SHOWTIME, and CINEMAX as part of your PREMIER package.

When you order the Option bundle or higher, you'll also get a free one-year membership to HBO Max, as well as three months of Cinemax, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and EPIX. Simply set reminders in your phone to cancel when your free subscription expires... or you'll be paid.

How much are AT&T TV's premium channels and add-ons?

HBO Max    





Movie Extra Pack    

AT&T TV Deportes    

AT&T TV Español    

Here is a break-down of what you’ll be getting with AT&T TV’s add-ons:

Movie Extra Pack: Among the eight channels, you’ll get Crime & Investigation, Hallmark Drama, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.
AT&T TV Deportes: TyC Sports, Univision Deportes, FOX Deportes, and ESPN Deportes.
AT&T TV Español: Univision, Discovery Channel en Español, Estrella TV, and Cinelatino.

Sports Channel with AT&T TV

The sports coverage on AT&T TV is a little lacking. The number of sports channels is small, but it does include the majority of the major sports networks (where is the NFL Network?).

If you want the most sports channels with AT&T TV, you don't need to upgrade from XTRA because ULTIMATE and PREMIER have the same sports channel lineup.

AT&T TV ENTERTAINMENT sports channels include the following:

NBC Sports Network

AT&T TV CHOICE sports channels include the following:

Big Ten Network HD
MLB Network HD
Tennis Channel HD

AT&T TV XTRA sports channels include the following:

CBS Sports Network
Golf Channel
NHL Network
Olympic Channel
Sportsman Channel

AT&T TV Device

Take a look! The streaming-cable set-top box!

As a consequence, AT&T TV is a cable-like streaming version of DIRECTV, the satellite network. Rather than a satellite dish, you'll get a set-top box with the ability to record, watch live TV, and access on-demand content.

What's more, guess what? It's easy to set up! There are no IKEA instructions available.

With a Google Assistant remote, you can also power your TV with your voice. Simply say, "Show me action movies" or "Download Netflix," and you'll have what you want in a matter of seconds.

The AT&T TV system will be included in your monthly fee and offers 500 hours of cloud DVR storage with a 90-day retention period. That's a lot of room!

Three people can watch a Lifetime movie at the same time, so you, your mother, and your daughter can all watch it at the same time.

Not to mention the device's over 5,000 games, including Netflix, Twitter, and Pandora, as well as up to 50,000 on-demand movies.

However, if you want to add more AT&T TV gadgets to your house, you'll need to plan ahead.

One    Included
Two    $10/mo.
Three    $20/mo.
Four    $30/mo.

What other devices are compatible with it?

You won't be able to watch Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure or CNN Newsroom on your AT&T TV screen if you're not at home. To watch on the go, you'll need another gadget that's compatible with AT&T TV.

Here are a few to choose from:

Amazon Fire TV Stick
Android smartphones and tablets
Apple TV (4th generation)
iPhones and iPads
Safari and Chrome browsers
Samsung 2017–2019 Smart TVs

You need at least 8 Mbps per stream for AT&T TV. A minimum download speed of 8 Mbps per stream is needed by AT&T TV. And unless you and two other family members want to stream at the same time, you'll need a total of 24 Mbps.

So is it worth it?

AT&T TV is for you if you want DIRECTV without a satellite dish.

We'll be honest: AT&T TV is only recommended if you want a cable-like DIRECTV experience without the hassle of installation and to want to access your channels from anywhere.

If you subscribe to AT&T TV, you'll have access to a range of news, kids', sports, and entertainment channels. You'll also get 500 hours of cloud DVR storage, which means you can record up to 160 movies!

If AT&T TV isn't for you, take a look at our list of the best live TV streaming services for a different alternative that could be better for you and your family

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