The Best AT&T TV plans : Plans, perks, and more 2023

The Best AT&T  TV plans : Plans, perks, and more 2023
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We've looked at the latest AT&T TV and internet deals with the lowest prices.

AT&T's TV and internet services aren't the most accessible for long-term customers, thanks to a mandatory price hike after the first year. However, if you need AT&T and are on a budget, here's what you need to know about AT&T's affordable internet and TV offerings.

However, basic cable channels such as Cooking Channel and Nick Jr., as well as a deal for a free year of HBO Max, are only available on AT&T's more expensive TV packages. Within a year, AT&T increases the price of all packages. Even though ENTERTAINMENT is AT&T's entry-level TV package, your monthly bill will increase from $59.99 to $93.00.

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AT&T's cheapest TV bundle is ENTERTAINMENT.

Regional sports games and famous channels like Comedy Central and TV Land are included in AT&T's entry-level live TV bundle. AT&T TV applications such as cloud DVR access and the AT&T voice remote are also included. See what channels are included with each AT&T TV bundle for the streaming service in our rundown of AT&T's TV channel lineup.


AT&T's cheapest TV bundle is ENTERTAINMENT


AT&T's cheapest internet plan is AT&T Internet 100.

AT&T Internet 100 provides a generous download speed of 100 Mbps, which is sufficient for daily web browsing and video streaming for a small to medium-sized family.

To keep up to date on your favorite TV shows while saving money by cord-cutting and avoiding AT&T's TV price hikes, you could pair AT&T Internet 100 with a streaming service like Netflix or Sling TV.

You may be able to upgrade to AT&T Internet 1000, which provides maximum download speeds of 940 Mbps for just $60 a month for the first year, depending on AT&T's local availability. While AT&T Internet 1000 isn't the cheapest plan, it is one of the most affordable fiber internet plans we've seen.

The required equipment fee charged by AT&T Internet would add $10 to your monthly bill. Your AT&T Internet 100 monthly price will also rise from $35 to $55 after 12 months.

While we still don't agree with AT&T's planned price hike, $55 a month for 100 Mbps download speeds is still a good deal.

AT&T Internet 100

Most affordable DirecTV Bundle: AT&T Internet 100 and DirecTV Entertainment

If you want live TV and AT&T internet access, DIRECTV's ENTERTAINMENT package, which costs an additional $5, provides almost three times as many channels as AT&T TV.

With DIRECTV, you'll get basic cable channels like Big Ten Network and Disney XD, as well as premium channels like NFL Sunday Ticket, which you can add during the checkout process. Your monthly bill will rise from $99.99 to $157.00 after a year.

DirecTV Bundle

Final thoughts

The DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT package or AT&T Internet 100 gives the best value if you choose to stick with AT&T for a long time. You'll get a bigger channel lineup with DIRECTV, while AT&T Internet 100 will give you enough bandwidth to manage daily web surfing and streaming services.

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