Best Internet Tips And Tricks

Best Internet Tips And Tricks
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The web is so expansive, appealing and there are loads of shrouded Internet tricks accessible that most Internet users don't have any idea.

Below are hacks that you should know about web surfing without any difficulty.

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 Download YouTube Videos without any Software

Download YouTube videos (without any software)

From the Chrome browser:

You can easily download YouTube videos without any software by using the "SS" keyword after https://www. it will redirect you to the download link where you can download YouTube videos in multiple formats.

Use Quotes(" ")

Google offers you to find the exact word/phrase from that you want to search. You can perform it by using keywords inside the quotes (").

For example, if you search the cheap internet in quotes "cheap internet", it will show only those pages which have the exact same phrase. 

Download Website For Offline Surfing

JNA saved page

This trick is for those users who have low internet speed. They can use this trick to save the website for offline surfing.

Here are 3 simple steps to download/save a website-

  • Visit the website which has to download
  • press ctrl+s
  • now save it anywhere in your storage.

Now from the saved file, you can view and surf that website.

Download Mp3 Directly from Google

Download Mp3

Download the songs with a direct from Google using intitle:index.of?mp3 keyword. Just put the song name after intitle:index.of?mp3.
For example, intitle:index.of?mp3 your song name

Access Blocked Websites on the Internet

Some websites that are banned in your country can be accessed very easily from your computer by using a VPN. Download and install a VPN on your computer and connect the server to a different country except for your country. Now open the banned website. You can do the same thing with an Android Phone.

Make Temporary Email Address

temporary email

Yes! it's true. You can make a temporary email address to log in anywhere on the internet by placing it on your personal email address while signing in. You can use a temporary email to avoid emails span in your personal email.
Search temporary email on Google, it will provide you hundreds of website that offers temporary emails. is one of the best websites that provides a temporary email.

Use Google Scholar

google scholar

You might not know Google Scholar, it provides you an essay method to search scholarly literature or essays. Use Google Scholar for searching essays and literature instead of Google.


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